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SGA: 502


So awesome to see my favorite doctor back in action for the episode *_*

And the Woolsey + Beckett interactions are just *flails* Haven't been this happy with the show since the early moments of season 3.

Only four episodes left with Carson ;_; I wonder if they'll include the mid-season two parter with Daniel Jackson - in that case...DREAM TEAM \o/

Edit: Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention how much I adore Woolsey - best authority figure EVER for the Atlantis expedition.
You make me want to watch it again. Can you by any chance let me know how Carson came back? And if they'll kill him again? (in case he's alive)

And do you happen to know of any SG1/A crossovers with HP?

(I am not trying to take advantage of you. Not at all ^_^)

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