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Throat hurts...

Guys, what do y'all take when you can speak generally alright, but it hurts to swallow and your tonsil is a bit red?

And my sleeping patterns have been really crazy this past week - I was considering taking a light sleeping pill so I don't wake up at odd hours. Not sure what the options are though.

Am just feeling tired these days *sigh*
Cough drops? Also NyQuil and orange juice.

If you're feeling really tired all the time, hit the doctor's -- could be mono. For me the tip-off on mono was REALLY swollen glands. But I was 8, so that's all I remember. Otherwise, may just be a cold you need to ride out. Oh, and if you wake up and it's AWFUL, head to the doctor's b/c it could also be strep.

My sis told me to keep away from citrus which is bad 'cause the only fruits I have are oranges :(

The tired feeling is from the lack of a deep night's sleep (I can usually sleep like a log)

The throat thing happens when I wake up but that's the only connection to strep I think - no fever or illness as such.

Will get some NyQuil in the morning *hugs*
If you can abide the taste, garling with tea made from sage leaves might help. I'd go see a doctor if it doesn't get better quickly, though. *sends healing vibes*
I don't think it's serious - which is why I'm iffy about the sage tea XD I'd much rather just have some soup ^_^
The argument for avoiding citrus is because of the acid. The direct application of vitamin C may override that, depending on whether it hurts to drink the oranje juice or not.

I had such a ghastly sore throat a few days ago I could barely swallow, and it turned out to be seasonal allergy congestion - which is weird, because I don't usually have hayfever/allergies in the summer! Tylenol cold/allergy knocked it right back. If it's a first thing in the morning thing, it's probably related to congestion because it drains and irritates your throat while you sleep. (I know, nauseating thought, but it does.) If sleeping is difficult, make sure you get one with an antihistamine in it, or take some Benadryl before bed. (OTC sleep aids are almost all generic Benadryl anyway - seriously, check the active ingredients.)

Best of luck! Hope you feel better soon!
I second the gargle with salt water. I've found that very effective.

I have used Steri/Sol to gargle, as well.

Both are great for a sore throat. Feel better soon!
This has been me for the past week. Other than prescribed antibiotics, there's nothing you can do but wait for 5-7 days or so until it runs its course. Chloraseptic, Ibuprofin, and cough drops for the pain helped me, and fruit smoothies helped with the pain in my throat and generally made me feel better.

Feel better soon!!