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Alphabet Meme

Last month I asked for 26 topics and was surprised to get more than enough XD

Here are my responses - lots of yacking about me, myself and I XD I'm not sure anyone would be interested apart from those who gave the prompts.

A - Astrology - dreamon_dreamer
The only thing I'm sort of familiar with, is the horoscope. My BFF was more into it than I ever was, so it was through her that I found out about birthstones (saphire and jade), and general ideas of Libras. Traits I think I have: compromising, indecisive, peace loving, gullible, artsy, pleasure oriented, and I try to be upbeat.

I was born in the year of the Tiger but I've never really connected to that concept. The closest I've come to it is the anime Fruits Basket, I think.

B - Baywatch/Beaches/Bathing Suits - heliotrophes
Baywatch was one of those things on TV with scantily clad people and lots of swimming. The most interest I had in it was during puberty when the only boy in the show's romantic interest got stung by jellyfish.

Growing up in Dubai = white beaches and blistering sun which meant I didn't frequent them very often. I actually visited the beaches of Goa (India) more with red earth and tiny crabs and lot of fishermen. It's also why I'm not all that psyched about beaches or natural bodies of water in the USA. It's all "been there, done that". I did a small sailing course in high school too, and realised I much prefer swimming pools to gagging on sea water.

I've never had a swimsuit last for more than a year or three. Till highschool I wore one piece suits but then I switched to two piece options instead. I like the bottoms that include skirts :) I tend to prefer browns/blacks with a summer color (blues, pinks or greens)

C - Cheesecake - why_me_why_not
My first cheesecake was in my last years of highschool. I've never been fond of cream cheese and the thought of a desert based on that...was not very appealing. I then bought a cheap one from KFC. With strawberries. And then I found a double chocolate cheesecake icecream from Baskin Robins. The rest is history.

I'm usually a chocolate/coffee/nut nougat kind of girl when it comes to deserts but cheesecakes gave me a new appreciation for strawberry shortcake, chocolate strawberry shakes and other deserts I never would have considered earlier.

D - Dreams - _pinkchocolate
Would like to mention that I snore. Pretty loudly I think. Whenever there've been sleep overs, excursions or anything else - it's usually pointed out half the time. It's always been a source of embarassment which is why I'm very comfy not sharing a room. Have no idea how to get rid of it and I wonder if there are any sleep studies that might give me an answer.

Moving onto dreams...well, I have very vivid dreams. Mostly fantasy stuff. The staple is running around, slightly defying gravity (NOT flying - just jumping down twenty stairs etc.) and things blowing up. You name a nightmare, I've had it. From the Ring to Aliens to my sister as a vampire (when I was younger). However, at the same time, there's lots of smut - one on one, orgies and voyeurism :) So I can't say I'd have it any other way.

D - Dentist/Doctor Visits - windfallen
I will always remember the first time a tooth got extracted and the painkillers didn't quite work so it hurt like hell when the dentist pulled the tooth out with those mini pliers. I've always had a lot of cavities - no braces though. Dental insurance is a dream, along with an optical program *_* No more $$$ on getting check ups, x-rays and treatment. Ah, what a nice dream.

My teeth/gums are sensitive and I have a low threshold for pain. I'd rather a dentist shoot me up with painkillers than just drill.

Regular doctor visits on the other hand have always been rare. The only big visit was when I banged my head against a bath tub when I was 5 or 6. It was in Singapore (family vacation) and I'd been taking a looooong time in the bathroom. My sis told me gleefully that she was bringing some friends in 'cause I was taking forever - I panicked and slipped.

I had to have three stitches where I went "ouch! ouch! ouch!" My parents were pretty miffed at my sis, but I was already playing with the elevator when I got back from the hospital that day XD

E - Erotica - phoenixacid
My sis was the one who got me hooked on books - the first ones being Enid Blyton when I was 7 or 8 (my favorites were the Mallory Towers series). So by the time I was 12, I noticed the bodice ripper books my sister loved to read. She said I was too young to read them, but I'd sneak them into the bathroom much to her annoyance. I still remember hiding one under the washing machine (it was about 3 inches from the floor) and the book got soaked when the maid was mopping *headdesk*

In any case, I was the go to girl for books in my class and the first to get into erotica - or at least have a lot of them in supply XD I still remember explaining what flavored condoms were in 10th grade to some of my more innocent friends. To me it was like, how could they not know? Yeah, we took our own time growing up - looking back at pre 11th grade photos...we look like monkeys, LOL. No tweezing, waxing, bad haircuts plus awful uniforms. Those were the days :)

E - Elves - carameltrap
I got a book (this one) on world myths for my Holy Communion party (8 yrs old) and today I stll have it, except its pretty threadbare. I adored the nymphs and fairyfolk. Then I got a PC game in highschool thanks to Amazon (♥) - it was my first online purchase EVER and it happened on National Day in UAE (Dec 2nd, 1999).

The game was Age of Wonders. It had Elves and Dark Elves and Azracs and Halflings and Dwarves and Frostlings. I adored the concept. And I didn't know how to cheat so I enjoyed hours and hours of gameplay. Since then, I've had an interest in heavier fantasy. I think it might have been the reason for switching from romance to fantasy in reading habits. And then of course, there was the LOTR trilogy XD

F - First Loves - bloody_american
In RL I've had a total of one actual crush. It was at the end of highschool and he was funny, charming and tended to really focus on you when you talked to him. I've met him again more recently but I've realised he is rather immature, despite being my sister's age. Is it possible to have the goldfish syndrome when it comes to peeps? 'Cause he'd have it. He's very interested in what you have to say until there's someone newer around *rolls eyes* And then it's pretty hard to get to talk to him. He was all shine and little depth.

G - Gargoyles - ch_ar_me
When I think of Gargoyles, I think the cartoon on the Disney Channel. I didn't get to see more than one episode growing up BUT,  spent a LOT of time reading the continuation of canon by the writers over at The Gargoyle Saga.

It was my first exposure to reading online fiction of a series that started out as a show. It was like fanfic, except written by the actual writers. My favorite character was a girl who wasn't actually in the aired episodes - she was in the Dark Ages storyline and was the inventer/geek. I remember those stories fondly and am so happy to see its still online.

H - Halloween - dreamon_dreamer
Never celebrated Halloween growing up. It's always been one of those western things that only worked in Spooksville (or Goosebumps) and general fiction. It's an excuse for scary stories and I'm always into more fic XD Though last year I bought a pirate girl/bar wench costume - was very cool :)

I - Imaginary Friends - _pinkchocolate
I don't think I ever believed in Santa Claus, or tooth fairies or imaginary friends. It's something to see on TV and in books but actual imaginary friends never happened. Maybe 'cause since I was crawling, I'd always follow my sister around. Was never really alone as a kid so never had one. And then there were books.

J - Jinxes - frieliegh
The only jinx I've ever used is when I'd say something at the same time as a friend and we'd say jinx and then one of us would have to stay silent. It was pretty pointles since it killed conversations so it never lasted long.

K - Kisses - frieliegh
Growing up, there weren't many kisses from my parents and sis - it was all about the hugs and glomping - so much so that we used the word koshing - which was a kind of crush hug.

Kisses have always been related to cheek/air kisses when greeting peeps or congratulating them. Actual french kissing? Has never happened.

I sometimes wonder if I'm asexual or something because I've never been attracted that way to a guy. Sure, coming to the USA has meant lots and lots of eyecandy but someone who I connect with as more than a friend has been rare and not very serious when it has happened. And they were usually taken.

There are also times when I wonder why its only the weirdos who hit on me :( In any case, I live vicariously through my friends - I think I've become something of a ready ear for romantic problems and for peeps to talk and talk and talk. For me? I'd pop a bag of popcorn if I could, 'cause its so interesting hahaha

L - Lairs - heliotrophes
Monsters and horror stories. Nowadays it also makes me think of tentacle monsters and smutty pr0n XD

M - Marriage - _pinkchocolate
My parents had an arranged marriage and while they had their share of fights, they've stuck together and even celebrated their silver anniversary a few years ago. It made me realise that compatibility and working at a marriage is probably the most important thing. My parents share core values and have come to love each other.

My dad went to work and after I was born my mom became a home maker by her own choice (dad would have preferred she work though). There was only one person from their crowd who got a divorce and an annulment and a third marriage.

These days though, I'm seeing so many peeps marry and break up. It makes me wonder if a marriage like my parents' is really possible. I can sometimes imagine myself as a spinster, growing old with a few pets.

N - Nicknames - speakdaggers
My name is pretty short so most peeps don't call me by nickname - except my sis, who has several for me, each more nonsensical then the next. Still...*loves* The only use of RL nicks seems to be when a person's name is long or weird. I find it odd that Far East Asians seem to have a western name.

I came up with the name Glacia in highschool for an RPG. The first letter of my name is G, so I tend to go with names that follow that trend.

O - Oral speaking - bloody_american
I have a bit of a lisp so I hate oral/public speaking. My dad got me into a course with the John Robert Powers school, which got me to do some improv acting and speaking out and it really helped me get out of my shell.

As a kid I was pretty open and excitable and sporty - and then I got into books and got embarassed by my lack of verbal skills and became quite introverted. JRP helped me find my voice again. I'm nowhere as social as a lot of people, but when I get comfy when peeps, I'm pretty bouncy :)

P - Phobias - kaxenji
Electricity is my #1 fear. I got electrocuted for a few seconds by an old TV and since then I freak out when I see sparks. I hate plugging things into outlets (esp in US where the outlets are ALWAYS on) and static electricity makes me slide my fingers across glass/wood on doors before touching the metal handles.

I also am also not comfy with fire and hot oil.

I adore rollercoasters and dune bashing and fast rides. I don't like speed when it's at the mercy of nature (such as sailing where strong winds mean a capsized boat)

Q - Quiet People - frieliegh
I think I'm a much better listener than speaker. However, when I'm with quiet people I find myself filling the silence 'cause the silence isn't always comfortable. I worry that they're bored. My sis is the exception - we can both be on our laptops and not say anything for an hour and we're peachy XD

R - Reality TV - phoenixacid
America's Next Top Model, Amazing Race, Pussycat Dolls and American Idol are the only ones I've had interest in. Still, I'd take scripted content over them any day of the week.

R - Rainbows - raynala
I rarely saw rainbows in Dubai. What I did see was Rainbow Brite and Care Bears and it's 'cause of that that Rainbows are LOVE. Though...my favorite care bear will always be Grumpy Bear ^_^

S - Sunflowers - why_me_why_not
I remember singing a hymn growing up called, "Like a Sunflower" Here are some of the lyrics:

Like a Sunflower that follows
Every movement of the sun,
So I turn towards You,
To follow You, my God.

(1) In simplicity, charity, I follow.
(2) In simplicity, honesty, I follow.
(3) In simplicity, Fidelity, I follow.

Yeah, I'm a Roman Catholic. I attended St. Mary's Catholic High School which was run by nuns. One of the subjects was Religious Studies - it depended on if you were christian or hindu or maslim. If you were Muslim, you did the quran, if you were Christian you did the bible.

I learnt the Church's POV on condoms, abortion etc. and while my friends and I found a number of views to have GIANT HOLES, we learnt what we needed to say to pass the exams. It made me quite certain that God wasn't in an institution but all around us. So I'm a very, very liberal Catholic.

T - Travel - dreamon_dreamer
I LOVE TO TRAVEL. As a kid, my family and I went to Hong Kong and Singapore, and we'd go every year or every other year to India for summer holidays. When I was 11, we did a tour of America and DISNEY WORLD IS AWESOME. With college, and getting my own car, I've come to love driving on the highways in the states. Road trips are the best.

Though I hate driving at sunset since I'm virtually blind. Also, when it comes to cross atlantic travel, I'm usually exhausted by the time I'm over the Atlantic. Having to take a connection flight from Chicago or elsewhere to get to my college town is PAINFUL.

U - Unicorns - raynala
Unicorns are probably the least interesting magical creatures IMO - they're just so...pure and boring. You never find a corrupted unicorn or anything. The most fun I've had with it might be My Little Pony and even with that, I never really liked the show much. Still I do have some unicorn favorites in my fantasy creatures folder on DeviantART.

V - Viagra Virginity XD - phoenixacid
Yup, still a virgin. Don't think it's that big a deal. I might find a guy I'm into and go too far but I have a feeling I might only do it when I marry. Yeah, pretty old fashioned. Boy craziness is pretty much only for fandom - doesn't really happen in RL. That's just me though - I'm pretty open to views on sexual activity.

W - Waterfalls - raynala
I've seen Niagara falls both on the american side and the canadian and it's the only one I've seen close up. I love the show Wonderfalls and have it on DVD :)

X - Xbox - phoenixacid
I can't afford an Xbox. The only console I've had is a PS2 - I played Tekken Tag with friends and Soul Calibur. Did a bit of Final Fantasy X, but in the end I just read the storyline online.

I spent far more time on strategy games (Colonization, High Seas Trader, Age of Empires) and RPGs (Age of Wonders, The Longest Journey, Marco Polo and most recently Guild Wars) than on consoles.

I do wish I could get an Xbox though, simply to play the new Final Fantasy games and Soul Calibur IV.

Y - Yelling - heliotrophes
Yelling = excitement and squee. My mom would yell at me when I was young, my dad tended to do the whole "I'm so disappointed in you//you're so spoilt" spiel,but generally yelling was always associated with joyful hysteria in school and fandom. I was in division D, which was always the most mixed and diverse class out of all the divisions (we had a genius, party girls, lots of nationalities etc.). Division A were the nice, brainy peeps and Division E had quite a few snobs. Divisions B and C were for boys who were always in the other section of school.

Division D was the class that would be standing up and dancing in the bus during field trips while the other buses would have students sitting down quietly >_>

Z - Zoo animals - dreamon_dreamer
Smelly. That's the first thought thatcomes to ming. There weren't any really cool animals in the local zoos IMO (koalas, kangaroos, bears etc.) so trips to zoos were always the most boring option for trips.

Plus, I don't think most animals could stand the heat so *shrugs* never been into zoos. Aquariums are far more cool, but then I'm not much of a fish person (unless they're part of a meal) - my faves were always the mammals, the dolphins and whales. I think my favorite visits have been to museums or more specifically science museums with planetariums.


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