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Text icons?

Anyone have any comms, icon makers or icon posts with TEXT icons? Something where the font/color/texture looks good?

Yeah, this is a rather random request but *hopes*

(self pimping of your own text icons is welcome!)
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Those links were perfect, thank you so much! I'm trying to do some badges for terminus but wasn't sure about how best to do text. This was I now have at least some clue, lol
Thanks! I'm looing for shiny icons to get some ideas for making badges - will take a look!
Yay! I wasn' sure anyone would respond but this is great - i'll head over and take a look (needto make badges but my texting skills need some work)
I get a lot of icons from pink_cosmos. She does more than just text icons, but there are a lot of text ones, too. Tags them as "wordy", I think.
You're welcome. I think you have to join the comm to see them, but it shouldn't be a problem. I have over five hundred of her icons saved.
Yay, a text-only icons request post! I heart them!

And because I love them, I also tend to make just text-only icons (when I do icons, which is pretty rarely). Just look under any of my posts tagged 'icons.' I also second grrliz and iconseeyou (especially her christmas icons...they are awesome).
oooh, will do! Didn't expect so many linkies \o/ I just went from little to no good text icon examples to LOTS
I thnk of that maker when it comes to stock icons but less for text - plus her style is so unique, that it's really hard to learn from *sigh* Thanks for the FB though!