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Starter Kit Rec List


This is for ponderosa and for anyone who might be interested in getting into Harry/Draco fics but doesn't know where to start.

It's a mix of complete fics, both new and old. There is a sortable table at the top, so peeps can find fics by pairing, length or author. After that, the fics are listed with summaries and keywords.

I'm still trying to remember some of the shorter awesome fics in the ship so there'll probably be at least one more update in future. Any feedback would be appreciated.

ETA: When all is said and done the list is probably going to be capped at 50 fics (currently its at 37). That leaves out a LOT of stuff, but I've included links to the classics and the rec list directory, so peeps can find more :) I am mainly looking for short!fics to balance out the huge ones.

Child of ETA: Fic count is now 55 fics exactly.
Hi, I stalk your journal... or at least the H/D part... and I think the list is an awsome idea :p *runs off to read fics*
Well, how old school do you want to go? The two fics that got me started are Matinee by LadyVader and Ooh Something Shiny by Starflowers. Speaking of starflowers -- is Windfallen on there? Also, my personal favorite of furiosity's is Unintended... the ones you have aren't ones of hers I'm as familiar with, honestly. Friend Like Me by LadyVader is a MUST. It's classic. I'd have to give real thought to other short ones, especially more recent ones. Oh, you can't forget Oscillate Wildly by Marks! Really, that list is lacking some Marks, IMO. Maybe some Anj, too... (I am so old school, it's sad! :D)
Was about to head to sleep but!!!

I think the list desperately needs short fics - both old and new. I'm trying to make sure its not too fanon, because most peeps coming in with probably have only the series' characterization to go on - I keep thinking Ooh Something Shiny was a bit too fanon, but will check - it could go into the 2nd or 3rd section where peeps are more accustomed to the ship.

I forgot to look up marks and anj *headdesk* I had Unintended open in the browser at one point- not sure why its not up. Some of the big fics Windfallen is known for are the death fics and that's not my thing personally. I might include a section for recs submitted by others or I might include a link to the fandom classics list that does have the oldies.

I know I read Matinee but can't place it at the moment - will check. Old school is very muc a good thing - though I'm really lost ATM for the short!fic.

Isn't it about to hit 3AM for you???
Oh, my story's on there! YAY. I'm flattered.

Agree with nqd--"Friend Like Me" is an awesome starter. Packs a tight and powerful punch.

I haven't read some of these, and it's *so* much easier to choose what to read next when there's a small list from which to choose. Thanks so much for doing this!
Punch is the right word - never read it more than once ;_; But it was good and I'll probably add it into the second group.

Looking back at the past year, yours was the big fic for me in Dec/Jan :) This spring was wondering what had happened to all the fabulous fic...and then the world cup came along ^_^

If the starter kit leads to more shippers then I'm a happy ducky :)
Oooh you're ridiculously awesome. This is going to make me want to reread these H/D fics now. :D
very admirable, but I think I'm going to be no use to you, I didn't like almost a 3rd of the fics on that list and would tell people to avoid them LOL (yes that's with a ;) cause I realize all people don't like all the same things;) just the same way half the list is on my all time favorites as well.

but here are my recs to you anyway since I'm mostly into shorter stories all links are here http://rickey.slashcity.net/favorites.html if you need to find them
Let's Pretend the War Is Over and Lush Life by Pir8fancier
Sometimes They Burn by Emma Grant
The Way of the World by Zionsstarfish
The Price We Pay for Wings by Frayach
Stung by Pushdragon
Comfort Food by ArsenicJade

I don't think I've ever found a reclist which I agree with whole heartedly- its all about personal prefs. Which is why I was so excited when PJ and I agreed on worldcup fics - never thought that would ever happen with anyone.

I wanted to do a starter kit with fics I've personally enjoyed a lot and find decent. If peeps don't agree with the selections they're free (and encouraged) to do their own starter kits. The Price We Pay for Wings is something on my To Read list but I can't bring myself to read it yet. Lush Life I think was the loose sequel to Lettered so I have a feeling peeps will read it anyway since the prequel is on the list. Thanks so much for pointing out Way of the World though. That's one that's just perfect and I hadn't been able to place the story in my head.

I hadn't realised how difficult it has become to get peeps into the H/D ship - the amount of fics is kinda overwhelming and most lists tend to have the old stuff or new stuff but not always both. I'm hoping the fics will ease newbies in and also give them an idea of what works for them and what doesn't.

I've found about 20 fics more (most are short and by authors who I had forgotten to look through) but I really want to cap it at 50 - well, 55 max, so I'll probably need to choose between them.

I've had several peeps ask why X or Y fic hasn't been included and I'm hoping those who are more outraged might end up making their own starter kits, lol. Fandom definitely needs them.
oh - also add that Per solumn - that's got to be the wrong word count. That fic was like 5 million words long - don't bait and switch the readers. :)
I've been on and off the quidditch field of hp fic and I really enjoy some of the older ones (I haven't looked at your list yet). Not sure how to draw people in really but it would be nice if it could be stated that this fandom has been around quite a long time and that the books were being written at the same time that fics were being written.

And personally, some of the fics that were written were in some very crucial ways much more satisfying than the eventual canon.

Rambling point being...hmmm, maybe i didn't have one. In any case thank you for your list as I am sure there are many many great fics I have missed.
omg wtf I haven't read some of these fics before DDD: epic fail!!

also, this is a brilliant idea and I'm totally saving the link for this for the future when I plan to take over the world with the clever use of h/d ♥
Wow, nice work! I don't want to get into evaluating the fic selections and providing suggestions, because
1) I fear I will inevitably spend about 6 hours rereading fics in the process and blow off Things I Must Do Today.
2) I did think "Transfigurations must be on the list or I shall say something," (that was my first H/D fic, you see) and lo and behold, it was first on the list, and I had confidence that all else must be well.
3) I trust other (and better-read) flisters will give you input and
4) I'm lazy.

I will say though that I love the friendly title, the clean and simple format, and the sortable table (sortable by fic length--awesome!) *pets pretty list, bookmarks, memories, etc.*

FYI, I think Mistful (Maya) will be taking her fics offline in September; she will post a file (pdf) of all her fics at that time, but I don't know how long that will stay online.
God, you = made of awesome!! I've read most of these fics *bookmarks new ones*, but there are so many fics I find myself enjoying over and over again - it's just terrific to have them on one list!

Am still bouncing around that you liked my so much to put it on the list! *HUGS*

Argh - I still owe you the pdf-files!
Oh, wow, this is awesome. And, eee, so flattered to see my work listed on there. :D

(One quick, small note: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is closer to 55,000 words total than 18,000. I just wouldn't want to mislead readers who think they're opening up an easy, read-in-one-quick-sitting fic.)
Oh, how cool. It's definitely a tough ship to get started in, so this will be useful to me as well!
There are so many awesome fics on this list--some of them are among my all-time favorites--and I about fell over when I saw one of mine included. Thank you, I'm honored! I suppose it's too late to suggest it, as you have your 55, but the fic I always offer first to H/D newbies is The Waters of March by Geoviki. And, of course, you know how I feel about Drop Dead Gorgeous--I push that on people who don't read fic at all, lol--but it won't be up for that much longer anyway, I suppose, and probably won't be complete until right before it comes down.
When Maya pulls down her fics I'll be replacing it with another fic - will definitely consider The Waters of March!

Perfect Day just felt ideal for this list. It was one of the first two world cup fics I thought of :)
WOW! OMG! What a great, great idea. One thing though, how did you choose the starting kit's fics? Are they your favorite fics, or?
It's just like those many posts on harrydraco askin for suggestions for newbies and peeps post their favorites which are easiest to read for newcomers to the shipping.

I know most peeps would choose diffferent fics to represent certain authors and I've skipped so many prominent writers in the fandom, and so many fics that really left their mark on fandom.

Still, these are the fics I'd rec to peeps who have no idea where to start. I'm hoping that they then go on to other rec lists to find more H/D - or go in search of the authors' other works.

I keep expecting more wank from peeps in regards to excluding their personal favorite authors but that hasn't happened yet ^_^