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Terminus Badges & HP Icons

I did some super last minute badges for Terminus. If anyone is interested in them, they can get them off of Zazzle over here

Each badge/button can be as small as 1inch or even 4 inches big - and either square or round :)

I also made most of the them into icons for use on lj too :)


[ 01 - 04]      

[ 04 - 08]      

[ 09 - 12]      

[ 13 - 16]      

[ 17 - 19]     

Note: Please credit miinty_sticks for the art in #18.

Rules: NO HOTLINKING, credit is needed and comments just make me squee ^__^

I'm leaving on the 6th so I could read it if you post it u before then *evil grin*

But seriously, I can't believe you did 20k O_O
HA! This one made me giggle way too much not to want to use it ;D
I'm not really anti epilogue any more, but that was pretty much my reaction when I read the book XD
Those are awesome. I'm not even going to terminus but I'm going to have to take one. If I could only decide which...


I love them all, but #5 is definitely the most amazing of them all :)

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Okay, okay, I'm not even going to be at Terminus but I have to say I love these icons. So, I'm stealing one or two or three. ^__^
Trashhand and Hobo Std - though the Hobo Std had me playing with the vector points in photosop to get that effect
omg, I saw your badges the other day and was all like, please can I has some icons and you made some and this makes me very happy in an entirely impossible to quantify way. So you are full of win and I can haz icons! ty!
-flails and squees-

snagging #3 and #4! hurr hurr!

those can so be crossed over into other fandoms! XD

*cough* crediting as well. >.>

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