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[001] maderr's book, Fairytales Slashed is now on amazon. I bought it about an hour after she posted about it XD SO MUCH LOVE. Ever since I first read those tales, I've wanted to have a paperback version. And now I do ♥

[002] rei-i on DeviantART is accepting commisions. She's done fabulous stuff like The Seagull, Thinkig of... and Princess or Prince 2. SO PRETTY.

[003] The new photos for Half Blood Prince made me think of LOTR... and horror movies?

Seriously, I saw this picture and thought I was viewing a promo for the next sequel to The Omen:

And here, I did not see Albus, I saw Gandalf when he fell to that firey un-death:

[004] buttfacemakani's sketch comic of the Malfoys made me all mushie and then ROFL. Still I ended up thinking about it and rambling on about the sappy ending in my head.

[005] freshmakers is having a layout contest. Deadline is the end of the month. I'd been hoping to use this ol' textures post on SM for inspiration and ideas. Alas, ABSOLUTELY NO TIME.

[006] The Fanfic Symposium: a collection of meta/rants on fandom and more. There's stuff like Poaching the Poachers and The Fandom of the Archetype and much more. Only sad bit? Communication is limited to email and its scary how much I'VE come to rely on the 'comment' button when dealing with meta.

[007] A Small Design Study of Blogs: I'm going to be using those findings to help figure out my fall layout designs. Well, along with this fonts for the web article.

[008] I really, really want to get Adobe Illustrator to play around with vector art.

[009] I don't run. But this post makes me think I could.

[010] Stunning Nature wallpapers!

Ok, all done with the spammage ^_^
It's Albus's twin, Gandalf! Bwaha.

Thanks for the wallpaper site rec! Those are gorgeous.
I saw a post on a comm with those pics and everyone was all Albus = Gandalf too! LOL

Smashing Magazine always has eyecandy :)
- (Anonymous)
Y'know, HBP in my mind was all about the Slytherins - I barely remember Albus and Harry >_> I wonder if they'll play up the gay angle now XD Doubt it though.
LOL - wth all the white hair and barely any facial features visible, it's no wonder XD
Yo Gandalf, why the sad face?

Anyway, I adore those nature wallpapers, thanks for the link. :)
The first pic makes me think of Sweeney Todd, and I totally see Gandalf, too.
Glad you like! I tend to stick with one wallpaper for a long time but the flist usually like them a lot so I figured y'all would enjoy it :)
lool yeah, when I first saw the first pic I thought it was from The Omen movie *_* scary ><

the second picture really has a touch of LOTR, looks like Gandalf himself XD

anyway, I can't wait till the movie comes out ^___^ !

+ thanks for link #10, stunning nature pictures !!