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I just read Will/Anna/Skandar RPS fic (the actors who play Peter, Edmund and Susan in Narnia)

It's the result of a kink fest. KINK KINK KINK. The prompt? Ok, how about this:

Double penetration, whereas it is mentioned how Will and Skan feel each other's cocks while doing it to Anna.

My only response at the moment: holy fuck.

ETA: Narnia Kink Meme Round Up of Fics
OMG HET!!! Dare I read it D:!! *whimpers* but it has Will and Skandar, so...
Glacia, it's not even 8am here and now I have to go through my day with that in my head, playing on a gorgeous, erotic loop.

*wanders away dazed and really wanting a good shag*

thanks for the tip! That was bloody amazing. :)