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And now for something different...

I stumbled onto The Big List of RPG Plots - a list I first saw last fall I think. And it got me wondering.

Guys, if y'all decided to start writing original fiction, what would it be about?

What genre would it be? Fantasy? Historical? Science Fiction? Something else?
Would it be slash? Would there be any romance at all?
Would the protagonist be male? Female? Would it be a group of peeps with no primary character focus?
Whose POV would it be in? Would there be multiple POVs?
And keywords that come to mind when you think of the plot: (e.g. apocalypse, knights, rock band etc.)

I was wondering what kinds of stories I'd end up reading if most of the flist started writing original fic XD Well, those who aren't already, lol

Oh and btw, new default icon! Actually, the same image used in an old default icon, but with brighter colors XD It's the summer version!

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SHUTUP XD I was thinking of you when I wrote those who aren't already, lol

I wait for the day you write time travelling or parallel dimension or peeps interfacing with electronics XD BUT I IS HAPPY WITH MAH ROBIN HOOD *snuggles*

BTW, am waiting for you to post the snippets as a whole chappy so that I can pimp to the flist XD
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Time paradoxes can be annoying, yeah. I don't think I've ever found a story I adore because it's all about "OMG, we can't do anything 'cause we'll change the future!" *headdesk*

I do remember daydreaming about a character in a historical fantasy world who lives a regular life but when he goes to sleep, he's living a different life in the future. It's a SUPER WEIRD THING - one of the oddest things ever. It was a daydream based on the idea of reincarnation (having lived past lives) and maybe being more connected than one would think. And then somehow (yeah, never figured out how) the future self ends up getting pushed into the past life and the personalities end up merging or something after the body nearly dies from the shock. Just, don't ask. The mind is a nutty place *sigh*

Am all ears on the parallel dimension idea :) I think interfacing with electronics and I think super sekrit training programs XD By the govt or a giant corporation. And we have all these peeps, with skills and abilities - your standard mutant-like school, except with espionage and mini-teams and a few loners and...well, after the last weird idea, I'm just going to stop here.

Part 1 will get peeps interested and Part 2 with the Sheriff's convo will make them go \o/

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Well, if it's something involving something like Time authorities like with star trek and the Thursday Next's dad in the Eyre Affair then time travelling becomes a norm and there isn't much adjusting done XD It's far more fun when they go there deliberately, even if its just for a mini vacation and to escape RL woes in the future, lol

SRSLY? There is a story like that? *googles*

DO IT, DO IIIIIIT. Who knows, it might get easier as you could always just do a snippet or two from various points of the story to get a feel for it and then jump in later :)

Scifi+magic is one of my prompts for a HP fanfic fest! I ADORE that idea. But yeah, more along the idea where science and magic are BOTH accepted as norms but at certain levels/concentrations they can either synergize beautifully or go horribly wrong. But I can only see that as an long fic 'cause the world would need quite a bit of building - but it would be super interesting XD
If I wrote original fiction, huh. It'll be in the fantasy or sci-fi genre, never mind that I don't know any sci-fi terms whatsoever. I would love to go for the magic in modern setting but that's just been overdone. :/ Maybe sci-fi in a futuristic setting like Frontier. I love writing mecha fights.

Oooh, pretty Kuchiha!
Most of the magic in modern settings are all female protagonists :( It's very cliched at the moment *sigh* Wish there were more men with lead roles, y'know, apart from Harry Dresden.

Futuristic scifi is awesome but I've only really enoyed it in TV Shows - I don't know why but most male authors of sci fi don't click with me and I haven't really found females who write sci fi...

I have had three different icons based on the same image and I STILL forget the character's name *headdesk*
I've never read or watched Harry Dresden. Don't think it's airing here, too. But I prefer a magic user to be male, because it's, like you said, always a female. What, guys can't do magic, is it? XD

I think it's cause they all those techy terms and jargons that we don't even get or they write it specifically for sci-fi geeks only. I would love to read a sci-fi by a female writer but I've never found any. I am keen to see how they write sci-fi.

lawl. *pets* I can't believe you forgot the poor girl's name.
Since I like historical fiction and fantasy the best I would probably do historical fantasy. And I like multiple POVS since I like when authors get in the heads of more than one character. And yeah I don't think I would like to have one main character but a group of adventurers/travelers.

Not that I will ever write anything because I am sadly too lazy for that. :)
Oooooh, that's what I always look for at Barnes & Noble - though usually just with single POVs, since multiples don't give me enough time to warm up to a character. And some authors have a nasty habit of killing off one of those main POVs.

Any particular plot for this hypothetical piece of fic?
At the moment I am afraid not :(

I think if I did multiple POVS I wouldn't have too many like maybe 2-4.
*points to List of RPG Plots above XD*

Oooh, I can definitely handle 2 to 4 ^_^ Especially if they're partners/rivals/love interests or something...but then even if they are in opposite war camps, that would work...
Slash or gen with slashy undertones, historical, male protagonist. Limited 3d person, maybe several of them. Keywords: club, illegal substances, street, accidental meeting, travel.

But I will never write anything like that 'cos I like reading better :)
Oh if its historical then would it be a gentlemen's club or a tavern/bar thing? And would that mean Opium and travel to Europe or Asia?

I know, but its always fun to dream XD
Hey, hey! Not so fast! As I don't intend to ever write it, I never thought it over properly :) I imagined gentlemen's club and travel to exotic places (well, for a European main character, such as Egypt or China).

I better write reviews for that the rest of your flist writes! :D
I am now thinking of Around the World in 80 Days - starring Pierce Brosnan XD

Heee! ^_^
Historical, most definitely. I've been toying with the idea for years... not sure about the leading character(s), though.
I'm leaning towards Steampunk at the moment, at least 3 povs, main character would be female but theres also slash overtones. Action, dark and somewhat kinky. :)