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Love my mailbox

In the mail: got Fairytales Slashed by maderr and my H/D badge order from purebuttons! All thats left are my zazzle buttons :)

Oh and some long overdue pimping: maderr is writing Robin Hood with the slash pairing being Sherrif of Nottingham/Will Scarlet XD SO AWESOME - Parts 1 and 2 :)

calanthe_fics also wrote me James/Scorpius fic! Y'all can check it out at calanthe_fanfic

Still have to catch up on both though :(

The opening song for Bounen no Xamdou makes me wanna get up and dance or exercise or something - it's not the typical anime song:

I was going to have a glance at the HP fic but I'm too lazy for locked comms. XD

That opening kind of makes me want to watch the anime *_* Which reminds me I need to check when new Junjou Romantica is due to be aired and things.

Edited at 2008-08-03 06:53 pm (UTC)
Xamdou is a fucking great new series. I need to watch more :P
I'm debating purchasing her book and I am enjoying the Robin Hood fic very much, not least because it's set in my neck of the world.

There is obviously more to the Black Sheriff than meets the eye. The only thing that's jarring for me is the choice of the name Abraham; I don't know why because John - as in Prince John - is also a biblical name. *shrugs*

Cal's fic, along with SM's Very Bad Week, has converted me to JP/SM. I think there's so much more conflict between those two than with gentle Al. *nods*

Edited at 2008-08-03 07:27 pm (UTC)
mmm yeah Bounen no Xamdou! everytime I see someone pimped the song in my f-list makes me want to check out the anime 8D I hope it's really worth to watch!
That song is terribly addictive and stuck in my head, never mind that the lyrics are nonsense at best. I have the full version, if you do want it.
O-oh that sounds beautiful. I'm a sucka for trying new animes because of the theme songs. o.O