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...and I managed to get a bit of a cold and a light fever by the time I was boarding the flight. It didn't help that it was freezing but I'm glad I brought a coat.

Terminus was more than I could hope for, especially as a first convention. I figured I'd be much more panicked and lost but with awesome roomies and friends...\o/

There were a couple of folks I missed (libby_drew) or met for just for a moment (emmagrant01) but considering the number of peeps on the flist there and other peeps who were just complaints :)

I'm going to hit the sack and tom I should be coherent enough to do a con round up.

tracy has a Terminus friending meme and I'm here.

There is also the community, post_terminus for shiny photos and vids etc.from the con :)
hey sexy lady ;D ;D

yeah, I have no real reason to post this comment other than to say hi.


*dies of exhaustion and loneliness*
Hey, at least you're not ill ;) I had no idea what con drop was until the last day. And now...;_;
Am so glad you made it back safe and sound. ♥ I can't wait to see your round up. :D
I just posted pics! Though round up might take a bit longer since I'm still trying to put all the details together - definitely going to be tl;dr, but it'll mainly be for myself and to remember what happened!
Hi gossymer!

I have been a fan of your rec lists for a very long time and recently - by complete accident I looked at your site and saw you reccing maderr. And can I say AMAZING?!!?!
I just wanted to know do you know anyone else who writes slash fairy tales or regency or fantasy tales like her?
Like ships passing in the night, baby. I know. I was really bummed we missed each other.
I was all !!!! and D: when I heard I missed you. Instead I was puking in an industrial goth club - despite not really drinking anything. Still, it was definitely an experience XD
Took yesterday off and my fever broke and only a bit of congestion is left \o/ I just want to get the write up out of the way since I KEEP THINKING ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED and getting it down on lj will be cathartic, me thinks :)

You know, I totally read that last line with your voice in my head and I just started grinning like crazy XD nq calls you the English Rose btw hahahaha