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The newest convert to Wrock :)

The climax of the Wrock concert on the 6th was The Whomping Willows', DRACO AND HARRY SONG!

No, seriously, we had males in the audience jumping up and down. Don't believe me? Here:

coffeejunkii found the vid and also the reason why security stepped in to tell peeps to stop jumping


Read her post XD

I really don't get why the Hilton didn't place us in the basement or something - did rock concert = regular party somehow?

Edit: Oh and guys, I'm posting photos in an flocked post without names on my lj and later on post_terminus too. If you don't want your pics posted at all, please tell me asap!
did rock concert = regular party somehow?

ya rly. clearly, the hilton had NO IDEA what was coming their way :P

and btw, whomping willows are playing in my humble little city in october :D :D
Yeah, they seriously underestimated the con and I guess we've been relegated to the ranks of twilight!fans et all? Though I didn't see any weird looks or anything, the super poor management shows how little thought went into certain things :(

bad planning on the part of the hotel is bad. D:

did they honestly think wrockers would just sit and sing softly about Harry's green eyes. It's wROCK not wFILK. ugh.
It's wROCK not wFILK

HAHAHAHA SO TRUE - I think they treated it like any other business con - and I don't think they've done fan cons before - 'cause even an SPN or star trek con would have thought them the basics. Though prob not concerning wizarding rock though...
LOL, I totally left halfway through that song. So I was there for the jumping up and down and I was downstairs to see the chandelier being wrecked. Possibly the best part of Wrock :D
I hate to look stupid but I hope someone could post the lyrics of the song? Please? Thanks!!! I'm having a hard time listening to the lyrics.

That concert looked really fun~
OMG, we wrecked the chandelier? Honestly, though ... who puts rockers (wizarding or otherwise) in a room above a chandelier?! Genius planning, that was.

Um ... I would appreciate if no pics of me are posted here. F-locked on the post-Terminus comm is okay, though (since it's restricted to only those in attendance), as long as it's without my name. Thanks, hon.

Oh, and it was awesome meeting you!!! *squishes*

(And how is it we aren't LJ friends?! *goes to remedy*

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There should have been a basement or something *sigh*

I posted the pics already but with over a hundred you'll need to point out which ones you'd like me to blur (a lot of the time faces can be seen in the background which I don't notice till someone mentions their expresion in them.

*squishes back*