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Fic & Art make the best posts...

[001] GORGEOUS HARRY/DRACO ART, OMFG - by _lile btw XD

[002] Why is it already night? Crap, have so much to do :(

[003] jdillon (one of the first artists I ever fangirled online) redid an old pic and I'm still very much in awe of her talent. I keep looking at the tail in the new version and the way the light reflects off of it *_*

[004] undressah pointed me to jeanauvray, a friendslocked journal which contains an original slash version of the Beauty & the Beast tale - and its complete! The author just requires an email after friending and she friends back super fast. She's also interested in feedback so do try it out!

[005] Back in June, who_la_hoop wrote Teddy/Scorpius/James fic. I'm quite sure I missed it 'cause the name "Sirius" was in the post and I assumed it was MWPP era fic. It's not. It's deliciously hot fic that y'all should check out and drool over. Threesomes FTW!
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I have so much to do, too. It's really sad. Good luck with everything you need to accomplish! *cracks knuckles*

And yay for recing who_la_hoop! :D
*hopes everything works out*

Dude, I am made of fail - how on earth did I manage to miss my big HP threesome? Especially when there are probably only half a dozen shippers of it ;_;
I always love your recs! ^_^ I definitely will check out the Beauty and the Beast story (I dearly love reinterpretations of the fairytale classics) and the art you linked to is absolutely stunning! *hides under a rock*

And I hear you about being busy...except with me, it's being distracted. !_! Damn youtube and 80's cartoons.
*hugs* If even one person falls in love with something recced, I'm kinda over the moon -_- And I'm a total ho for orig slash fairytales so I'll always, always check them out. There will never be enough for me :)

It is sad how many artists I wanna commission (including you) NEED TO GRADUATE NAO.

Thanks for linking the jdillon art. That artwork is just absolutely awe-inspiring. The way the light reflected for the tail's surface and the blueness of it all - just wow.

Oh, and I will definitely bookmark the 3some and the B&B adaptation. Great recs as always. :D
She was the whole reason I opened photoshop in highschool and actually USED it - I remember she had tutorials up too ♥

Yay! Do hope you enjoy them :)
- (Anonymous)
I completely missed it :( Considering how small the ship is, it's a travesty.


*hugs* always happy if peeps enjoy the recs :)
*loves on you* Thank you for the rec!

(I don't like calling James 'James Jr' for some reason - probably because it's very American. It's actually quite unusual to name your son after yourself over in England - unless it's a middle name or something.)

(I just call Harry's oldest son 'James', minus the Jr or Sirius XD) And would it still be Jr. if you're naming the kid after your father? 'Cause it then skips a generation *wonders*

(Well it is Harry James Potter, isn't it? Would it be James III for Harry's son?)
You got suggested - twice, uh thrice XD *hopes*

(Thought that applied to first names only though?)

(Also, you're right. I'd just say 'James' but then people would automatically presume it's Harry's dad.)
I usually depend on the names around it - scorpius or teddy = next gen and anything else is...not? Really bad way to do things but *shrugs*