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Where did the summer go?

[001] Might have posted this before but can't recall: Why Iroh & Toph KICK SO MUCH ASS

[002] aggybird, (formerly a Miz Watson) did drabbles - and by drabbles I mean, MINI FICLETS. My favorite is Alien visits a Gay Bar. I could so relate, cause while I may speak the same language, western culture tends to miss me entirely sometimes - okay, most of the time >_<


[004] Watched a bit of anime - mainly Mitsuru Adachi's works - H2 and Touch. I can't seem to download the Crossgame series and I hate reading manga online so D: D:

[005] Also have the urge to reread Beck from the start. Well, okay, I actually only watched the anime and read the last bits of the manga. Reading it from the start might be awesome since I heart the anime like mad.

[006] Guys, what fruit have y'all been buying lately? I got some oranges before Terminus but 'cause of the flu/cold I've been having far more peaches and surprisingly, plums and pluots (which I rarely used to get). Cherries no longer seem to be as sweet though...

The only fruits I'm usually able to get from the nearby grocery are oranges and apples since everything else usually doesn't look fresh enough. Although recently I've just been getting frozen fruit from the supermarket. Supposedly there just as nutritious as eating fresh fruit since they're frozen at the peak of freshness, or whatever it says on the bag. Last week I got rasberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and some mango chunks.

Frozen fruit is great - particularly cherries and berries - though I find peaches and mangos taste best fresh :) Or maybe its 'cause I haven't perfected the art of thawing in the microwave >_<

I feel you on the lack of freshness :( It sucks when I look at all the plums and peaches and they're rock hard and would take several days at the very least to get ripe. And I miss asian mangos :( And rambutans . And chikoo (sapota) ;_;
I will never get tired of that picture of Iroh and Toph. and the Calvin and Hobbes reference.

GAH SCHOOL. *should be in bed XD*

PEACHES ARE AWESOME. I like bananas and grapes too. although green grapes have been tasting sour lately.


Went to IHOP in the morning for some chocolate pancakes with bananas :) I have very bad luck with grapes - they're constantly too acidic.

YAY for school starting? lol. I'd love to go back to school and relive those crazy days again.

Apples, papaya and mangoes. I'm staying from oranges since I'm coughing. It'll make me cough more.
I miss high school oddly enough - college? Not so much >_>

I miss asian mangos ;_; The mangos here are red and I keep wondering what happened to the normal yellow ones that actually taste good.

Am going to get some oranges now that the cold is gone \o/
Fruits here are super cheap right now. I've eaten a ton of green grapes, apples, plums, pears, and peaches lately. Mmm, fruit! So delicious.
Pears *_* I forgot about those. They're amazing and wonderful when at their peak, just like peaches.

Gah :F
It's hard to find a watermellon for one person though - and the precut ones always cost double/triple :( BUT YES, TOTAL LOVE
We've been munching on grapes (red & green), pink lady apples, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, plums, pineapple, and bananas. I have some gooseberries that I need to figure out how to use up fairly soon. (Can you tell that I have a sweet tooth of epic proportions?)

My favorite fruit used to be peaches but I haven't a fresh one worth eating in *years*. I wish I could find Georgia peaches in the local grocery stores but none of the grocers, local or high-end, carry anything but those tasteless travesties from California. I caught some Texas peaches during the season but the tiny fruit to huge stone ratio limits their appeal. I've fallen back to using frozen peaches but it isn't the same pleasure as biting into a fresh, juicy peach.
I used to like nectarines but I've found it harder to find ripe ones. Peaches on the other hand are easy - I just look for white flesh peaches and they always ripen superbly :) Frozen peaches just don't compare - but frozen cherries/berries are great (and cheaper haha) :)

Pineapple *_* Though I can never eat a lot before I get full. Tis super sweet for me.

Have no idea how to eat gooseberries! Have you had them yet?