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Scenes that feel like canon to you...

So I was thinking of commission concepts and I realized something - there are certain scenes I can picture in my head that just feel *right* even without much or ANY evidence in canon.

Here are a few examples:
  • Toph and Zuko drinking in a tea shop - Zuko might end up going incognito to a local tea shop (unsuccessfully, I might add since hellooo scar) to talk and catch up with Toph who is the perpetual vagabond. They usually end up in their own private tea room and there's much laughter as Toph regales him with tales of the Gaang and her own adventures. And Zuko kind of cherishes these moments away from his various duties as Fire Lord.

  • Harry and Draco as office workers - they might be in the Ministry, business partners or detectives...I just see the two of them waking up, and heading off to the office. They might not be working close everyday but they do see each other around from time to time. They might have their kids and be married to other people or they might be single and looking for love. Them working in an office just fits for me.

  • Harry and Draco drinking in a pub - I included it in my Draco!picspam actually too. They both try to escape the mess at home and head to a local pub...and end up noticing each other. And it becomes a habit - not every week or anything, just, periodically, they get a drink and pass a few snarky comments or even commiserate over really awful situations with wives, kids or just work. And yeah, it's so easy to picture and I just assume that it happens.

Any scenes that you tend to see with your own fandoms, ships or particular favorite characters?
Zuko and Toph bonding in Iroh's shop over a pot of tea would be awesome. I would definitely read a fanfic of that. :)
I would read ANY fic with Zuko and Toph but yes, teashop!fic would be incrediblt awesome *_*
- (Anonymous)
I adore Avatar! I rambled on for a while on about the finale too XD Unfortunatlely most of the fandom is obsessed with the ships I don't really care much about (my focus is Zuko and Toph) so I don't usually find much shiny stuff there :( Katara has always left me feeling 'meh' so all the ship battles concerning her make me roll my eyes, lol
It would be neat to see a fanfic about the times they meet in a bar, and how they're cold at the beginning a bit but then gradually warm to each other as they have different life experiences.