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Wishlist item #627

I wish each person on the f-list had a reclist (or more) of their favorite online fics. Whether its in the same fandom (so I could get an idea of what kind of fic they love) or in something different (so I could always check out those fics if I were ever interested in the fandom/ship/character)

If the peeps don't read online fic - fanfic or orig slash - they could always put up a list of books or movies. I'm not too picky. It just means more recs -___-

It doesn't have to be works of genius or anything. It could be something as cracktastically awful as Twilight. I'd still love to read the lists :)

So basically, myrafur you had better be posting a list of those Hitborn!recs on your lj sometime XD
Damn, that's a good idea. I should make an ultimate masterlist of my favorite Prince of Tennis fics, for my benefit as much as everyone else's!

(If you ever want recommendations in PoT fandom, however, I'd be happy to compile one sooner rather than later, since I love pimping. ;)
DO IIIIIT. The fics I remember reading from the PoT fandom were fantastic AUs where Ryoma joined schools other than Seishun - they were superbly done. I'm a whore for AU which is very good for anime fandoms (since we get mafia!AUs for instance and even school!AUs for fantasy fandoms) but bad for HP since non-magic AUs are damn rare.

But srsly, while I may go out of my way to find rec lists sometimes, having friends who have recs in fandoms of interest would be SO MUCH EASIER - also, there's someone to flail at in mutual joy over the fics XD
That's a good plan. If I didn't read so pitifully little, I'd do it.

Maybe I should with art. Hmm. If I have time, I will. Now to find the time....XD

I'm sure you know mine. I don't update it as much now, mainly because I use my rec tags in my regular LJ to keep track of things.
O___O I missed that July update! I wasn't sure if you still used it or not TBH, but yeah, its kinda what I wish each and every friend had - so much shiny in so many fandoms *_*
I have a list that I keep in my delicious account. I've been trying to go back thru and reorganize the links better, but I can't decide how to do it, so I'm leaving it as-is for now.

Hell, I'd be happy if I could get every author to have a central list of links to their fics, so I wouldn't have to search thru their tags (if I'm lucky and they even use tags.) It's crazy that so many authors don't have one place where people can go to find their fics. is an awesome way to collect links - though most of lj still needs to jump on that bandwagon though >_> But it's def a good way to track big fics in ships/fandoms and stuff ^_^

H/D authors usually have at least one archive with their stuff but yeah, lj has made it harder to find fic :( And sometimes its tags, sometimes its memories, sometimes its a masterlist post. I wish there were a dedicated section for lists like this, so we could check that spot FIRST without having to click randomly.

Oh, my friend has the community drifty_kones which recs vids as well as fics. Found some good ones there. Might make my own list up too. ^_^
I usually use recsrainbows to find reccer journals outside of crack_van - but individual rec lists really need google.

My rec list pretty much consists of most people who are authors on my flist. :/

But I was recently reading Shadow of the Templar, which is freaking awesome. I got it off lada_hitam's lj - she keeps a massive slash rec list. (Go to her journal and scroll down a bit.)
Hmm, that is a toughie - but I can't help thinking the non-author peeps would worship at your feet for some intro links to orig slash by others XD

I got stuck on lada_hitam's lists this week and its all thanks to YOUUUUUUUU. Still have to read some more but its so nice to have actual orig slash fics bookmarked for reading instead of just fanfic!
That's a great request. One I really need to follow through on personally. I'd have a fic recs list. I have recs on my LJ under a tag but not a comprehensive list somewhere and my delicious account is all out of sorts. :P
Yeah, Ive been reccing stuff randomly in posts but I need to start consolidating recent ones properly since they're impossible to locate.

Never did figure out how to maintain links...
You make up for the ENTIRE flist - and then some XD

Hope you're feeling better btw - or at least not as sucky :(
I have a list of fave fics in my Mem and lot more on FF.Net but yeah, that's a good idea. I'll get around to compiling those favourites and list them out.
For some reason I always forget about the memories section on lj. Perhaps because they don't often appear in google searches? A rec list would be fabulous \o/
Wy yes, I do :D I wish more peeps had at least 2 or 3 lists but most don't even have one :(