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On new fandoms...

Have been wanting to ask for a while but never remembered.

When you get into a new fandom, how do you find recs or rec lists for the series/ship/character of interest usually?

Just interested in personal habits. I know one of mine is to run to the f-list and start yelling for recs, lol XD
I go to ship_manifesto and see if the pairing is there and follow some recs and comms. Or generally, search for the pairing via lj interests. If that doesn't yield anything, it's google.
I tend to look for ship/fandom comms first and then google for recs. I tend to forget about ship manifesto and its Character version community and crack van >_>

For some reason I can rarely find actual rec lists for many fandoms/ships *pout*
I do "CharA/CharB" +recs as a search in google and usually find everything I want. Then it's a matter of weeding out the good from the horrid. (:
Google is definitely the #1 solution though sometimes things like lj memories and tags don't get listed :( And for non existent minor ships, it doesn't always work I've noticed
I think we're just hoping one of our friends has a rec list hidden away that we managed to miss XD
I tend to find that googling to find eljay communities is very successful. Also, once you find one community, it is a piece of cake to find many others more fitting to ones tastes. The movers and shakers of XXX fandom are fairly easy to spot, and once you figure out who they are, perusing their journals usually reveals a gold mine of useful stuff. :D Think of it as looking for the Gossymer of XXX fandom. LOL ♥ @ you

Good luck, dearest!
Yeah, come to think of it, they usually have other peeps like them on the flist so its a good way to find authors :) But not all fandoms have rec lists ;_; Especially with anime...did you ever find a viewfinder or junjou romantica rec list that way by any chance?
I tend to go to the comms and find a fic I like then raid the authors stash and systematically check their mems and recs and flists to other places-- the trail eventually does go cold but it keeps me going for a while.

Yes I am creepily looting strangers LJmems BWA HA HA HA
Lol, I wish mems would show up on google searches more - it would make it far easier to find stuff XD

And finding that initial fic can be hard. I've yet to find a good one for Zuko/Toph :(
I ask flist and foflist for the recs first, then research: crack_broom and archives and lj comms. Well, that's for small fandoms. But OTOH, most of them seem small if to compare things to HP :)

I start reading with what flist recced, then look for the authors I know and like from other fandoms (HP mostly), then go and look if the authors I like or reccers whose taste I trust recced something in this new fandom. After that, I comb things.
Lol, I read crack_ and followed it with a 'van' in this case XD I tend to forget about the ship manifestos and crack_van and then I start headdesking since I should have checked them FIRST.

I wish I could do that with my fave animes but while the flist may watch some of the same shows as me...not all of them jump into the fandoms *sigh*

You have a v v organized and thorough way of doing things \o/
If it's on LJ, then I depend on communities and the poster's rec. I think I'm usually quite lucky as I always manage to find really good rec lists and fics.
I think if I'm desperate, I'll make a "newbie wants recs" post on a comm and hope for the best XD Sometimes it works, sometimes...not so much *hugs and hopes the luck rubs off on her*
I usually hit up crack_van first, and then head over to recsrainbow to see if there are any reccers posting in that fandom. Then I'll hit up delicious. Delicious will usually keep me clicking around for hours, following links to other links, trolling thru tons of users' delicious bookmarks, it's really become my go-to place for recs in new fandoms. I always forget about ship_manifesto...I really need to remember to head over there - there's usually a ton of resources to help find good stories.
I'd forgotten about recsrainbow but yeah, that's an amazing resource! Ship_manifesto...can be really outdated for older ships :( Delicious is awesome for newer stuff though! I've noticed however, that not many peeps on lj seem to be friendly in general - or maybe it just depends on fandom *shrugs*
I can't answer this question, but could you answer mine? Enlighten me on what exactly a rec is? I feel out of the loop.
A rec is a recommendation of a fanfiction ^^

So...a rec on a new fandom would be a recommendation of a good fanfiction in that fandom.
I just found this rec list (because someone told me that one of my fics were recc'ed. Huzzah!)

It's a multi-fandom list.

And I already found a gem of a fic. It's Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, which I know almost nothing about, and I am still thinking of this fic nearly two days after reading. It's that good.

So there you are. A rec list and a rec.
Ooooh, an off lj reclist *_* BUT I'D STILL LOVE TO SEE A ECLIST OF YOUR OWN ^_________________________^

And ooooh, Yu Gi Oh - I don't think I've read that in what, 4 years? Whoa

I don't find comms very effective, either for reading massive amounts of fic, which is what I want when I start in a fandom, or for finding recs at all. Unless there is specifically a rec comm, and then finding the rec comm is difficult, because lj comm searches suck. And even if it is a rec comm I usually just look in the memories to see if there is something like a completed list.

Once I've found a couple authors I try to find their personal sites, because those sites often have fics *they* like, and links to other sites which are sometimes rec sites. I look at their ljs for their fics but not so much for recs, because usually the way people organize their recs is disorganized (memories) or scattered (tags) or usually both.

Sometimes I actually make it to ship_manifesto. For some reason whenever I get into a fandom canon is ending and it's on its way out so most of the stuff I seem to find is hopelessly outdated.
I really wish there were a dedicated area of lj for fic lists and rec lists because clicking through tags/mems/random posts gets really annoying after a while.

Google is AWESOME except when a pairing doesn't have individual rec lists or anything - then its all about combing the comms.

My biggest with for ship manifestor is that there would be an update to the H/D one - I mean, the meta is so old, and while it works for the older crowd, post HBP fen seem to have a different approach to things and I'd love to see how the ship has changed and grown. But yeah, outdated :(
I completely forgot about the newbieguide *hugs* I kept thinking of crack_van and ship_manifesto!
Well, most of the time I go to and search the pairing I like, and I tend to find awesome fics, then go to the person's bookmarks etc until I've read everything, then move to another person's bookmarks, etc. :D

If I can't find anything, then I tend to google it or look for communities of the fandom/pairing. LOL can have some really good stuff but its does feel a bit random at times when its not in an actual rec list. Maybe I'm just not used to it though >_> Must get more familiar with it!