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Labor Day Weekend

After much discussion back and forth, my sis and I have decided that we'll probably end up driving to New Orleans and then Pensacola (Florida) for Labor Day Weekend.

I'm currently googling for things to see and decently priced places to stay while we run around the cities but I was wondering if any of y'all are familiar with the areas?
I never even been to America, so I can't help, but I wanted to wish you and your sister a great and safe trip. =]
I've been to Pensacola a few times when I was younger and went to New Orleans once before Katrina so I honestly probably won't be too much help.

just want to welcome you to the South though (and by that I mean the real south, the south that is east of the mississippi of course ;D ) it's too bad you won't be driving through Georgia because it's definitely really beautiful this time of year.
Heeeey, I thought Texas WAS south >_<

We're trying to get out of the state but still do stuff and not die from too far, too fast. ROADTRIPS ARE LOVE THOUGH!
I can help with New Orleans and probably Pensacola too. Let me know if I can help.

OMG, yes! Would LOVE any tips or ideas - particularly for local sites to check out! New Orleans is on some top ten lists for places to be on Labor Day Weekend so I was wondering what one would actually get to do over there :)

Would appreciate (insanely) any info hahaha
First of all, you must go to the French Quarter downtown on the river. There's lots to see and do. Many, many restaurants. For reasonable prices, try Maspero's. It's right across the street from the Jax Brewery, right off Jackson Square about a block south. That's the big square in front of St. Louis Cathedral. You must also try cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde. It's also right across the street from the cathedral. Good, top-rated restaurants? They're all good. You really can't go wrong. My favorite is Commander's Palace which is in the Garden District. EXCELLENT food, but not cheap.

Out in that general area is Audubon Park and the Zoo. It's a really good zoo too and didn't have that much damage from Katrina. There's an Aquarium downtown near the quarter and a shopping mall called the Riverwalk that connects the Quarter down to the Hilton on Canal Street.

You could probably google New Orleans and Labor Day to come up with specific events.


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EEEEEE thank you! I'm copying your comment over to my sis who is prob going to be relieved that we have some idea where o go for munchies now :)

Will google for events ^_^
Sis and I aren't much for the zoo, but aquariums and planetariums are cool:) The riverwalk sounds pretty great actually so we might do some sight seeing over there ^_^
Darling, I live in Pensacola. You do realize this means we need to meet up, right??

The plan right now is that I drive to Dallas on Friday, we wake up insanely early on Sat, drive to New Orleans, try to do stuff that afternoon, drive to Pensacola on Sun, do stuff and then spend Monday driving back to Dallas. If we're too sick of driving on Sat, we might stay in New Orleans but 1) we've done quite a few roadtrips and 2)Post-Katrina New Orleans might not have much going on. So hopefully we should be able to do both cities \o/
SO COOL! Yayyy! Well, I know of a few really awesome restaurants in Pensacola. Like McGuire's - a really happening Irish pub. We've also got a million Hibachi places, haha. So if you wanted to do din-dins, that would be swell. The beaches are also awesome.

If you DO happen to be able to come down, you have to keep me posted!
Will do!

We've seen our fair share of beaches so that might be more of a pit stop, but what's din dins?

Are there any photo op locales btw? Need some shiny photos of my sis to send home, lol XD
er, din-dins = dinner. Haha. McGuire's is the must-see spot to eat. :D

Photo ops would include McGuire's (it's sorta ish world famous for what it is) and umm. If UWF is a photo op, haha. There's a giant beach ball sign at Pensacola Beach that would make for a good photo. There's also the Pensacola Zoo, which I've never been to.