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Lots of WTFs this week...

[001] On the anime front, I just want to say FUCK YOU MACROSS FRONTIER

[002] I've noticed that it's usually the anime/manga series which destroy my OTPs: Death Note, Gundam 00, Shounen Onmyouji...and the latest gift from hell. ARGH.

[003] On the SGA cancellation: am nowhere as crushed as I was when it happened to SG-1. I guess I'm still pissed about Carson Beckett's treatment *shrugs* But yeah, I'm trying to figure out what's left to watch now. Eureka might be th only other sci-fi show I watch every week.

[004] FIG finale in Dallas - anyone familiar with it? Am trying to decide if I should drive there early morning to get there for the opening on just go on Saturday with my sis.

[005] Amazon checkout is a fabulous alternative to paypal. You can send money to peeps via your bank account or even your credit card. I trust them far more than Paypal any day (I've been an amazon customer since 1999 when I was still in highschool) If you are already an amazon customer? Sign up is super fast and easy.

[006] Random original slash rec: Ain't Nothin' In New York - a lovely little ficlet that I stumbled upon

[007] Have updated my userpics with over a dozen icons - including the one I'm currently using :)
I think I'm more crushed about SGA than SG-1, because I with SG-1, we still had an active show airing, and I knew we might see familiar faces pop up. Now, all we have are vague promises. :(
I have faith that there will be movies for SGA just like SG-1 - however, it doesn't compare to 20+ hours of programming each year. SGA was my first love and SG-1 didn't really compare at that time so I was crushed. After that disappointment and getting used to the idea of damn good shows getting the cut (wonderfalls, journeyman etc.) this doesn't hurt much in all honesty.
It's such total crack. But it's kind of awesome. Mmm, hot spies.


Whoa, I totally wasn't even thinking about that. XD
WAIT, WHAT? Ok, just got season one queued in downloads but...

*runs off again to get season 2*
OOOOOH, see I only knew her through her FP account XD

Edit: Oh and it was pageanty!fic (Prop Gentlemen) and her brothercest one(Tramp Stamp) that first got me hooked on her stories XD Daffodil Suite kinda freaked me out though :( I really should do a proper general slash rec list of faves *sigh*

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I haven't watched Macross Frontier since about episode 9 and I want to catch up but now I'm scared... :P

Death Note did destroy my OTP too. :(
I'm waiting till it ends and I'll marathon everything. I stopped watching around episode 10 (with the plans to catch up) but when spoilers destroyed some peeps on the flist, I had to know.

There are a lot of reasons why DN leaves a bad taste in my mouth nowadays. The OTP thing, the ssecond half of the manga, etc.

Thank goodness for AUs though.
Oooh, love that Haine icon of yours! Have you ever filled up all your icon slots? I am very reluctant to fill up mine even though I still got a dozen or so free spaces for icons.

Macross F, I have no words for it. No words. I cannot believe Satelight pulled a Sunrise.

Will go read that little ficlet now because I am have a crap morning at the moment. >:D
I've filled up the slots several times but I usually end up deleting oldies ASAP to get some room again :)

I live in the world of AU now. The only thing that would probably make me happy oddly enough, is if Alto dies so we can have canon!afterlife!fic XD

Prop Gentlemen is one of the author's early works and was pretty fun and funny too :) It might help alleviate the depression for a bit...
Am I missing something? What happened with Macross? :O

Edit: I've been using paypal for years and never had a problem with them. :)

Also use Amazon for years but for shopping purposes.

*knocks on wood*

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Michel got impaled by a vajra and got sucked out into space - which is probably as dead as you can get. It was just slightly like Lockon version 2.0 because I was expecting Ozma to bite the dust since the first few eps - not Michel. And there you have it - another OTP to get ripped apart by canon. Long live AUs.

Edit: I got scammed on ebay and Paypal's support sucked - lost over $100. Amazon? When I have had problems, their support has been brilliant

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Nooooos about Michael he was my favorite character D:

And yeah Michael/Klan was the only pairing I actually cared about in Macross because I don't really give a shit about Ranka/Alto/Sheryl.
I would have probably been HAPPY if Ranka or Sheryl died - Michel? WTH. The triangle was way too forced so now there's really nothing to watch for.
Have you watched the last ep of Eureka? The show pretty much died for me right there. It just won't be the same now.
THAT was the other WTF this week - but luckily I don't really watch the show for specific characters - except maybe Sarah the House? So I'l still watch it. And I can see him coming back somehow - maybe. Michel? NO way. *stabs Macross writers*
Sarah is awesome. Ed Quinn won't be coming back. He wanted off the show. :( It just needed that spark between Jack and Nathan.

Never saw Macross but *hugs* anyway.
I'm so sorry about Macross. I haven't watched the latest two episodes yet, but I did read your other comments. Is it bad that I wish it had been Sheryl, instead? She's the reason I haven't been as into it lately.
Yeah, Sheryl (or even Ranka, I'm not that picky) could have kicked the bucket and I'd have actually been HAPPY (since it'd be less of the annoying love triangle drama) I srsly, don't know what's left to watch in it now :( Hot!Alto doesn't make up for it, esp if it means more of the forced het :(
I think that was one of my first mindfucks in a manga and I'd have been so happy if it ended half way through - the second half sucked balls IMO and was totally pointless.
I almost stopped reading after that, but I struggled through the rest of it out of leftover loyalty. XP I think the second half would not have been quite so bad if it hadn't been juxtaposed with the awesomeness of the first half, but I agree that it was vastly inferior.
I wanted them to die together, possibly killing each other. *sigh* That was pretty much my first OTP, and it was brutally crushed.
The fandom is pretty much in AU!land I think. I hoped it would get better at some point in the second half but it never did. And yeah, killing each other would have been so much better - particularly in the movie which just felt WRONG.

I'm sure I've had other major OTPs destroyed before then but I can't think of them ATM
The movie was odd and pretty much AU itself (at least, the live action one. Dunno if there was an anime of it). Especially random!girlfriend--I was disappointed that Misa was cut out, 'cuz she amused me.
Battlestar Galactica! Best Sci-Fi show ever, srsly. !!!
HAHAHAHA, must catch up soon! But maybe I'll just wait till the next season begins XD