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More adventures with my car...

My sis is constantly surprised by how the car keeps getting into adventures ever since she passed it over to me 2 years ago.

Today I discovered someone had broken into my car. They had pushed the lock in on the front passenger side and got the car open. They also warped the back seats trying to find anything of value.

The sad thing is? There is NOTHING of monetary value in my car - its a '99 toyota corolla so even the radio isn't all that valuable. Nothing was stolen. Even the brown teddy in the back was still there.

I called AAA, filed a claim, called the police, filed a report and a dust for prints, took photographs and called my landlord.

Turns out, last night an apartment was broken into. The sad part was that it was an EMPTY apartment. The kitchen window got broken and a workman's ladder got stolen.

So the thieves must have had a bad night. Really hope they don't try their luck again in future >_>

Going to try getting the lock repaired today before heading over to Dallas. I really don't want to have to drive there first thing in the morning :(

But this is just the latest in a string of interesting things to happen to the car - though I don't have time to ramble about the others at the moment.

ARGH, not a good week.

Ouch. Those thieves had some bad luck! But I'm glad everything's okay with you!
That's what they get for being thieves. >(

*hug* I'm sorry it happened, but I'm glad you're ok. and that nothing was taken.
I wish they were smarter thieves 'cause then they wouldn't have bothered with a '99 corolla :(

My car has bad karma *sigh*
Boo :( That sucks! But at least there wasn't anything they could steal, otherwise they would have stolen it. I know, I'm so helpful, right?

*hugs you*
;_; I wish they were smarter then they wouldn't have bothered with my old car. The worst thing is the repairs. Replacing the stupid lock cylinder and handle goes over $200 - the loss, it hurts so bad D: D:
Talk about bad luck but I think those thieves had a bigger bad luck. lol.

But at least the car or its accessories weren't stolen. *hugs* Here, they'd steal the tyre rims, engine parts, etc.
That be very, very true - but when all the other cars seems to be newer (and at least one SUV out front), there had to be something better for them to target :(

And just those two parts cost quite a bit to repair ;_; Stupid american prices.
At least nothing got stolen, amirite? *snuggles* I'm glad you're okay.

I don't know if you've heard, but Lee Eon, the guy who played adorable Min Yeop in the Coffee Prince passed away yesterday. ;_; It's so sad.
I don't know if I'd care much if the radio got stolen - 'cause I wouldn't HAVE to replace it. Broken lock and handle?


Ok, that news is awful - he was so adorable in the drama and I was looking forward to his future works! This isn't as bad as Heath in Jan, but it still sucks :(
Woah, scary icon! Makes me think: 'ganas!' (trans: violent) XP

Bad luck for both you (and the thieves), but look on the bright side (or sides) -
1)Nothing was stolen.
2)The thieves learned that crime doesn't pay, literally.
3)It makes for an interesting story.

That said, hope your week improves. ^_^
On the other hand:

1) Repairs = $200+
2) The thieves are more desperate and might try again
3) Am now afraid of the neighbourhood

;_; I will get over it - will prob take a while tho.
I'm so sorry you have to go through all the post-break in hassle. At least you hadn't forgotten something valuable in the car. *hugs*
There was a time where I'd keep my MP3 player inside, but I'm glad I did i only for a day or two :)