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For your anime needs :)

Thanks to the awesomeness that is hydrangea, I discovered that the Anime News Network lets members sort through anime titles and come up with lists of anime shows/movies they have tried or even watched all the way through.

It took me a few hours but:

Anime Lists
  • Stuff I've tried out: 178 (sorted by title over HERE)
  • Stuff I've completed: 124 (sorted by rating over HERE)
So if you're trying to find an anime to watch, you could check out the completed titles list :)

Anyone have shows they can recommend that I might not have watched yet? I adore shounen, sports and a bit of shounen-ai too.

Though I must sleep so I can start driving super early in the morning ;_;
Not much for me to rec since your lists are near complete and more extensive than mine. But I'd rec Gonzo's Solty Rei and Gatekeepers for sci-fi, fantasy and shounen and Ghost Hunt for supernatural/horror/fantasy. ^_^

And have a safe trip!
I fail at waking early :(

I watched a few episodes of Gatekeepers 21 but I can't remember whether I completed it. Must check! Also will try Ghost Hunt and Solty Rei <3
I enjoyed Seirei no Moribito which has a pseudo historical setting with a couple dashes of fantasy. Might not be exactly up your alley but the animation is beautiful.
I watched the first half of SnM and the last episode but I really need to watch it all the way through properly - it IS lovely :)
Ghost Hunt is okay, Ghost Hound is much better in my books. And if you haven't seen Mushishi, WATCH IT. IT IS SO GOOD. Seriously. If there's an anime I could recommend to anyone, it's Mushishi. So peaceful and beautiful and touching. And the soundtracks are just pure awesome.

Oh, also Higurashi series. First season is just a total WTF experience, Higurashi Kai starts giving answers, and I thought as a whole it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Art is nothing to write home about but everything revolves around the excellent plot.

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I watched Mushishi in the background while multitasking and didn't pay attention. Must try again. Will try out GH and Higurashi too! Plot is awesomesauce - and SO RARE, LOL
You make me want to register just so I can make one of those lists. ^_____^

*points at icon* Have you tried Le Chevalier d'Eon? I adored that. It has some very cool twists in the end. *needs to watch again*

I also recommend Dennou Coil pretty highly. I loved the style, and the characters were very endearing.

My (fansub) list of what I've got/seen is here, if you want to ask me my opinion on anything I've watched.

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Watched first eps of Chev in the background - need to give it another try and watch it *properly* :) I might have dismissed Dennou Coil as possible shoujo but will give it a shot :)

OMG, YAY! WIll check it out!
I did make a list, but when I make it public and look at the group of public lists, my username doesn't show up for me. Just my lists show. Is it that way with yours? I even tried signing out, and it still doesn't show. How did you get yours to work properly?

Edit: Nevermind. It always defaults to showing your own at the top. Here's my list of all I've seen (minus a few yaoi titles):

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OOOOOH, anything in particular you rate as Masterpiece/Excellent/Very good - esp that I've missed XD
You've already seen a few of my most favorite series (Bokurano, FMA, Jyu Oh Sei, Noein, Seirei no Moribito).

The rest of my favorites list is: Chevalier, Dennou Coil, Gankutsuou, Mushishi and Zegapain. There are other series I've enjoyed too, but those are ones that I absolutely want to buy when they come out in boxsets.
I love how a third of your masterpiece/excellent ones are FMA. XD