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*cough cough*

So, Death Note - the new PoT for the HP fandom, Y/Y? Especially with HP fen discovering the manga/anime looong after it comes out, a scary increase in references on the flist and watching friends get sucked in and wondering if they'll return.

And finally, admitting to myself that I think the series is overrated (in this case, the second half crushed the love ;_;) and its pretty much the fandom that makes it worth it...

Definitely feels like the last time, except with a different anime >_>
Death Note - the new PoT for the HP fandom, Y/Y?
Emphatically! Though the PoT exodus started in 2006, not 2007.

I, however, am taking the road less travelled. XP
O_O Has it really been two years?

I highly approve of your vagabond!adventurer!lifestyle XD
Now that I think of it, it might even be longer than two years, because right around Lumos 2006, the PoT craze had peaked.

*walks away into the shadows, whistling a Metallica tune* XD
I'm not really into HP (read the books, but that's it), but I don't really think DN is overrated. Though you-know-what happening halfway through the manga is the most retarted thing EVER in the history of any manga I've read so far.
Oh, DN is a damn good manga, but I don't really think its the best manga ever. Especially with the second half >_<

So while it's nice to see peeps getting interested in anime/manga, I wish they didn't just stop with DN but checked out more
Oh definitely, DN isn't the manga to end all mangas. It's one of my favourite mangas and I'm buying the localized volumes now it's finally coming out here... But there's plenty of great stuff out there. But the fandom is still a lot nicer than the Naruto fandom.
hmm, i hadn't noticed that yet. i'm more concerned by the fact that i stayed up until 3:45am last night reading spn fic, wtf [it's just a reaction to that awesome vid i saw this week, though, so no worries ;)].
oh, did you watch the one i recced the other day? it has heroes and firefly in it, too.

you are truly ev0l :P
Was supposed to, but got distracted - will correct that now XD

I SRSLY DID THAT FOR MY FLIST XD The spn fandom has a LOT of rec lists so its kinda similar to HP in that sense. Though its hard to separate the RPS, Wincest and gen and het >_>...
I'm reading Death Note right now. Just started book 8. Boooo book 7!

Never read PoT. and although I love love FMA anime and have an FMA tattoo... I've never read that magna. doh!
DN was really good and exciting first half and then it went downhill after the second half and got ridiculous.
Totally on the same page with you - it would have been PERFECT if it had ended with the first half, but as it is, I just think its overrated >_>

*shrugs* At least there's more exposure for animanga?