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Corruption of childhood loves? YAY!

[001] Why I love fandom: Human!teenage mutant ninja turtles fanart. No, SERIOUSLY, as young men! SUCH SHINY ART.

Is it possible to have an OT4? Because Leo, Raph, Mikey and Donatello come as a set and are not to be sold separately, trufax.

...but one on one makeout sessions are TOTALLY cool. OMG, Donatello *_*

[002] Missed this due to Terminus: youtube vid of Buffy, the Animated series. Not half bad.

[003] Anyone know of a particular place with vids of the comic con panels? I've been meaning to search for them but I never got around to doing it.

[004] My sis pointed this out to me: COOLEST CLOTHING CATALOGUE SO FAR

[005] Came across this a while ago. I used to be Lisa but now I'm a bit like Betty and Patty. I don't think that's a good thing.

[006] The gift!fics for aggybird have had me falling in love with GOBLINS *facepalm* Oh and tsaiko's drabbles here and here which made me lol XD

[007] I totally spent an hour cleaning my profile by going to the AdminConsole and using the ban_set command to minimize the "member-of" list. So 250+ comms are down to only 22 visible ^_^ Well, as long as peeps don't check the full profile - the posting access list didn't change >_>

[008] Progression of a character design by aggybird. So this is how it works HAHAHAHA

ETA: [009] Today's Looking For Group comic strip is EVIL XD
If you "hide" your "friends of" list, then your "member of" list is automatically hidden as well. However, it's unfortunate there's no way to change the "posting access" list. =/
I don't really mind it as long as it's only listed on the full profile page :) It's also pretty easy for me to look up old comms that way too.

There's this paranoid part of me that heads over to this page when a person's friends-of list is hidden *shrugs*
Ninja...turtle...people...human...*dies* OH HOW AWESOME AND WEIRD AND FANTASTIC IS THAT?! Seriously! I need to go over to those links again and comment, the pics are so damn hawt. I love Raph! *still is a Raphael fan after all these years*
IT REALLY IS. My eyes just opened wider and wider and my mind kept going, "omgomgOMG"

I relate the most to Donatello, Raph was the emo!boi and if I'd watched the cartoon in highschool, I'd have totally been crushing on him. As it is I tend to slash Leo with Raph and Donatello and I really hate leaving Mikey out so...OT4!!!

I can so see Donatello having a theory, getting Raph and Leo to put it into practice, Mikey watching and laughing all the while, Raph and Leo come to blows which leads to a make out scene somehow and Donatello has all these SUGGESTIONS (it's part of his evil plan, y'know) and Mikey gets up to get a closer view and suddenly...FOURSOME FOR THE WIN ♥
OH GAWD! MY CHILDHOOD! XD I actually never watched the 2003 Ninja Turles, just the 80's one. I still say "Dude" all the time.

And guuuuuhhhh! Raph/Leo is so totally, totally hot, my brains fry up and trickle out of my head! But I'd totally dig the OT4 because it's very true, the Brothers are a set and you can't just buy 2 or 3 but not all 4. *brain short-circuits at the thought of a foursome*
Same here, I grew up watching the boys in green and still crush on old 80s cartoons like mad. Hearing Dean say "dude" in Supernatural made me go all *_*

R/L is incredibly hot though having a foursome would mean they're less likely to self destruct XD Mikey and Donatello could help defuse certain situations - though I'm betting there'd still be more than enough friction and hot make up sex in any case -____-

Did you see the ninja outfits btw? *fans self*

And greasemonkey!Donatello has me all hot and bothered haha
Cute clothes!

Random OCDish question: what does your numbering style come from ([001],[002], etc.)? I've never seen...
O_O I was so into ninja turtles when I was really little...damn, and now I can barely remember which was which.
Though with motivation like that, I may just go looking and re-acquaint myself again. XD