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Most interesting new show for fall?

BTW, I love how the first comments to Lost in Austen are Jasper Fforde and Thursday Next ♥ ♥

But I have to admit, I can't wait to watch this show *_* Luckily, it starts next week!
Haha. I like that comment. But I'd love to wear ruffles and laces and just sit there be pretty all day without doing anything.
ksjakdasj YES.

I know I should be all about feminism and being able to do whatever job I want etc etc but growing up, I wanted to be like my mom (stay at home house wife). My dad was totally happy with her going to work, but in the end what worked best for her was taking care of the family.

Though I'd probably be like Mary - geeky and not really interested in marriage prospects really hahahaha XD
I'd love to see them try to make a Thursday Next show or movie...probably show. Epic mini series or something of the sort. Movies off of books never get done quite right.

And on the TV it'd be much more campy feeling which would fit with the books perfectly.
I've seen trailers for that. I'll be surprised if it's not dire, because it's on ITV. ITV = fail most of the time. Still, I'll probably watch it for the LULZ.