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Hitman Reborn Fanart + Awesome Artist

[001] One of the artists I stalk on DeviantART, ransama, did fanart of Yamamoto, and long story short, I now have a Hitman Reborn fanart collection >_> My favorites are:

[002] Thanks to the above search, I discovered the awesomeness that is iamfun, whose NaruSasu fanart had me going *_* But her stuff just rocks.

It's something I'd want commissioned - slashy, without being overt and perfect as a pin up *_*
Woah! I'm just absolutely blown away by the fanarts!!

Especially Hayato Gokudera by yumix, that Gokudera just screams uke XDDDD!!
Haha, the one y yumix had me all *_* and I really wish there was another of Yamamoto in a similar piece :)

Can also trust DeviantART to have some droolworthy pics ^_^
Gokudera's the dynamite sticks guy in Reborn, right? I never read the manga but everyone on my f-list seem like Reborn. And those arts are so pretty! I like the first one best because of the details in his clothing.
Yeah, he is :) Reborn was an insane amount of filler chapters and episodes so it's hard to get into. Later it does get moving though and get more gripping. It's the opposite of Air gear IMO, which starts out sort of interesting and then makes me go all o_O with the craziness.

The first one is LOVE. But I am THIS close to printing out the NaruSasu one for my wall XD
I remember looking up on Reborn and I just lol'd at Gakudera's description and his love for dynamites. Air Gear started out great and then I just got bored with it and dropped it. ^^; I'll try out Reborn this time but 206 chapters! O_O

I need a laser jet colour printer to print that first one. I won't mind having it as a pin up on my wall.
You could read the first few chaps, and then skim through the first 60 chapters till it gets good XD

*makes plan to head over to local print shop*