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Oh yeah, it's hurricane season...

Thanks to Hurricane Gustav, New Orleans and Pensacola are OUT for Labor Day Weekend. Sis and I might head in the opposite direction instead - north or west. Denver seems a bit too far (13 hours drive) and we were at Oklahoma City for Memorial Weekend last year and sis has been to Albuquerque and a bit of Santa Fe so New Mexico doesn't seem too shiny either.

The idea is to go somewhere (preferably under 9 hours driving from Irving/Dallas) where we can take shiny photos and look at greenery and maybe paddle in boats... maybe a nice park or two and some springs/waterfalls...and maybe not in Texas? Perhaps I'm asking for the impossible...

Am looking up options for New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma in any case.

In other news, I just saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail and it just seemed so....blah *ducks for cover from rotten vegetables*
You could go to Tulsa. There's a nice river walk, a good zoo, some nice museums, a lake 20 minutes outside of town that rents some paddle boats and canoes I believe, and a little state park (natural falls state park) that you take a like mile hike and go down to a pretty decent sized waterfall.
!!! *___* That sounds perfect, omg! Thank you so much for the tip!

*runs off to google*
Monty Python is something you'll either love or hate. XD Personally, I think they're the brilliantest thing ever produced for British TV.
I always enjoyed Hot Springs, Arkansas. That's not too far away, is it?

I loved going to the old bath house row - many, many years ago, my grandmother use to go there. It was neat to visit the same places I knew she'd been to.

Hope you have a fun week-end. I'm taking the train to NYC to see Equus. We're leaving Sunday morning and should be in NYC on Tuesday night. I didn't realize I had tickets to the very first performance on Friday (my sister bought them for me).

BTW - thanks for all your recs on the ebooks comms. I'm checking them out over the next few weeks. It's like finding a gold mine! I love to read, but I'm out of room for 'hardcopy' books and am now starting to get into ebooks. Those comms are wonderful.
It turns out Tulsa is out for my sis so Hot Springs is our new spot now XD We'll prob make a day trip out of it!

Enjoy your Equus viewing (though thanks to NQ the show will forever be linked to BALLS OF DOOM in my mind *facepalm*) Yay for awesome sisters!

Those comms are an awesome alternative to libraries IMO so I'm glad you're finding them useful! The post also links to general goodie comms so there's something for everyone really :)

How far are you from Kansas City? If it's not a big group of you, I bet Mijan and I could offer up some sleeping space and give you the low down on where to go to find photographable greenery and paddleboats.
Kansas City and Denver are both over 10 hours away unfortunately :( I decided it would prob be better if we didn't spend the weekend driving back and forth so we'll probably save it for some time where we have more than three days available - thanks so much though *hugs*
Yeah, I wasn't sure just how much of a drive it would end up being. But the offer's there if you wanna longer trip some time.
Sucks. I had to deal with Fay. By my house wasn't flooded, but I was stuck here all weekend, while my parents were out of town, and roads are blocked off now, because some places flooded so bad you need a boat!
Yeah, as soon as we heard about the hurricane, the plans went out the window. See, back in dubai, with perpetual eat, we never had to worry about stuff like this >_>