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Lost in Austen + Browser stuff

[001] Say what you will about ITV's Lost in Austen, but when the last line of the preview is "Ms. Price just assaulted Mr. Collins!" you know I'm going to watch the next episode. How many of us have wanted to deck the guy when we read Pride & Prejudice?

*shrugs* Some people have Gossip Girl. I've got Lost in Austen now.

[002] Are the browser wars back? From this post, it seems like it. One thing I have to say is that Google Chrome doesn'tt impress me at all yet.

Google's new browser seems to borrow existing features from several browsers, including IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It has few innovations and none of them are things that I would use at this time. For a browser that has been in development for 2 years, you'd think they'd have unveiled it when they had something more to go on about.

[003] A recent poll on showed Adblock Plus to be the most popular addon for FireFox. If that's the reason you adore the browser, I'd like to point out that Opera does the same thing. Just head over to this page and save the file where it tells you to. Restart Opera. Voila, ad blocking!

[004] Shiny Wallpapers for September!
re: borrow?
who didn't copy anything at this time?

Chrome's rendering engine is Webkit, so understandable if it has similarities with Safari. Just like Firefox has similarity with Netscape because it uses Gecko. :D

What I like most is if one tab hang, I don't have to close all the rest.

They're putting altogether in a package, and for a browser with version 0.2, I think there's nothing wrong with that.
Re: re: borrow?
Yeah, noticed Chrome was using Webkit though I'm guessing its not the newest version considering when development began? I was focussing more on the tab reordering, the session thingy etc. I was hoping that if google came out with something, there'd be something to go *wow*

The tab thing is something I'd never use 'cause I like having my tabs in one window - it's the reason I went from IE to Opera in highschool and I'm not going back. If a site crashes in Opera or Firefox, I'll open a different browser to view it. I'm not going to open a tab as a new instance or anything >_> Bah, it all comes down to personal prefs I guess.

They're putting altogether in a package

Yeah, that's what Google does, though they usually manage to come up with additional intuitive features. If it took them 2 yrs to get to this point, I just wonder how long it'll take to get to version 1.0 and will there be a lot of shiny features...(which is all I care about, I admit ^_^)
Re: re: borrow?
What I mean is, I love all tabs in one window, but if one site messed up, I have to close all the other tabs in the same window as well, that frustrates me. With Chrome I don't have to experience that anymore. :/

2 years is not all coding you know, there's marketing research to be done as well. ;-) And graphics used has to be designed. What you see now is not the same from 2 or 3 months ago. Not to mention localization, bug testing, etc. etc. ^_^;
Re: re: borrow?
Ah, I get you :) Though don't we need to open the tab up individually in the first place? Or are all the tabs in the window treated as individuals processes?

True, it being their pilot, they've got quite a few things to get out of the way. I think I've gotten used to having oldie browsers >_>
Re: re: borrow?
With Chrome every tab is an isolated 'sandbox of process', thus they're able to prevent one tab from crashing the other. (multi-thread)

In FF/Opera, all tabs are considered one inherent single-thread process, which is why when one tab crashes, the other ones died too :-(

I sound like a marketing tool. :P
Why haven't you sleep?
Re: re: borrow?
Thanks for the clarification - wasn't sure about that ^^ Though Opera rarely crashes so it's not usually an issue for me :)

Was playing Guild Wars and it went on and on and on and then there was a network connection error so the mission I had nearly completed got cut off and I have to redo it - am feeling very frustrated at the moment :( MUST SLEEP but the past few hours...all gone to waste ;_;
Re: re: borrow?
Yep, what I love about Opera was its instantaneous downloading process. Though I prefer FF for its add ons. ^_^;

*pats and hugs*
Hell, I want that show! Sounds fascinating!

(friended you the other day, seen you round h/d land)
Lost in Austen looks like it could be a major guilty pleasure. I loved the first ep!
My favorite addon for Firefox has been Colorful Tabs. I'm all about the pretty. ^_^

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That happened to me as well (not here, but elsewhere). It was even an icon I didn't have. I wonder why this is happening?
It's happened to another friend of mine, too. I'm sure it's some weird LJ glitch. Unfortunately for me, it's happening with one of my pretty Kanda icons. WOE!
True hardship! (it replaced a sweet icon of mine with something terrible. Now I'm pondering... what if people thought the icon reflected my taste? The horrors! ;P)
Google probably wants to launch the browser off their reputation. Better live up to people's expectations. Maybe when the polished version comes out it will be worth it.

The Ferris Wheel wallpaper reminds me of Honey and Clover ^__^
-.-;; @ Lost in Austin. I -.-;; because I hate it.......but I so totally sekritly love it and will watch (and covet) every episode. When I heard that line (the one you commented on) I was totally like, YEAH! Because seriously, Mr. Collins so totally has had that coming for eons.

Trashy Jane Austin remakes are such a sekrit crack of mine. I loathe to admit that I enjoy them, simply because on principal, I shouldn't love them. They're wrong. But we loves them, preciousssss, we do! *hides*

xoxoxo @ you!!! ♥

(sorry about the fuck-up. -.-;; @ my inability to read a comment before I post it.)

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I just downloaded Opera and am playing with it now! It's pretty. *_*
I hear what you're saying about Google Chrome. It's just not that impressive.

And... OMG Mr. Colins gets bashed up, on a show that WE DONT HAVE HERE IN ANNOYING BLOODY AUSTRALIA? *Cries*
Thanks for the heads up on Lost in Austen - if it's not on the EZTV site, I usually don't see them unless someone else recs.