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One Piece, H_E and HBP

[001] Over the past two weeks I've been doing superspeed marathoning of One Piece episodes. I admit, the beady eyes still freak me out. I miss the traditional anime eyes. It took 80+ eps to really start laughing, though episode 125 with Pell/Hawk flying to the sky MADE ME CRY.

Am on episode 165 now. Just 200 episodes more to go to be up to date ^_^

One piece feeels like the antithesis of Death Note tho XD Silly and light and fun and while I ship Zoro/Sanji, I really like Luffy too. Him punching Bellamy out gave me unholy glee XD

[002] _pinkchocolate pointed out HBP promo pics from Entertainment Weekly that focus on Harry and Draco.

I'd forgotten about it but as with the book, the HBP movie might lead to an increase in H/D shippers. Still, I haven't read any of the early movie reports so can't be sure.

[003] Will be posting about hogwarts_elite this week which is SO INCREDIBLY KICK ASS THIS TERM, MORE FRIENDS NEED TO BE IN IT.

[004] I think all the SPN peeps have seen this but glockgal has a picspam TO DIE FOR. She was sitting a few feet away from Jared and Jensen at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby in Vancouver. THEY WERE SO CLOSE, HELL *_*

[005] Ok, I admit it, I stalk likecharity for her picspams.

LOL, OMG NO, NOT BRANGELINA ;_; But I do see it :(

Still when Anna smiles, I can't help but start grinning too. That never happens with Jolie.
I'd forgotten about it but as with the book, the HBP movie might lead to an increase in H/D shippers.

OMG THAT WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPY. I have a soft spot for HBP because it's the book that converted me to H/D, so I'd love for the movie to carry on the tradition ♥

Also, that chocolate cake recipe? IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME ;__;
There's a part of me that thinks of the ship as 'the peeps before HBP' and 'the peeps after HBP' because with book 6, the chemistry and subtext was so obvious - which was what early shippers had wanted and hoped for but doubted we'd get, but later shippers took it as a given. I think the ol' H/D ship manifesto is a good example of early fandom in that sense - other HP fen probably regarded us as dellusional but WE LIVED IN HOPE
Okay, #6? I am so going to try that. On the day when my parents aren't home though so I won't hear any 'OMG, what the hell are you doing?!' in my ears.
I was going t run to the kitchen and then realised I had no flour (afraid of possible weavles since I rarely use it) - will try to get a tiny pack solely for this XD

My mom would just give me this look - which is why its a good thing the parents are across the world MUAHAHAHA
that focus on Harry and Draco.

I think Dan must be stood on a box because he's the same height as Tom.
Lol, I think it was just a bit of photoshop magic and two individual pics 'shopped together XD
lol, okay, i totally thought those were manips! they are real promo pics?? O.O
ell, Dan and Tom have most likely been photographed separately and then the pictures merged because a) Dan is short LIEK A HOBIT and b) I don't think Tom is really *looking* at Dan. This is sad because EW *could* have done the pics together - call me old fasioned >_>