Goss (gossymer) wrote,


Next time I go to HEB or do a random visit to Central Market or Whole Foods, I'm going to be checking corkd.com on my mobile while I browse the wine selections.

I just got rid of three bottles, but I still have several bottles and one wine box to finish. They are:

And these three to go with Peach Schnapps and peach puree for some homemade Peach Bellinis (my favorite cocktail)
Alas, the peach bellinis don't taste like the ones from Cheesecake Factory so the wines just...sit in the fridge :( Apart from those though, the rest were all impulse buys (which is why I should always walk AROUND the wine area in HEB and not through it)

What wines do y'all have at the moment? What do you buy every now and then?

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