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40 scenic/nature/landscape wallpapers

I wanted to change my wallpaper and searched DeviantART's nature/landscape wallpapers and their high definition/widescreen ones too.

Came across a number of gorgeous images - some from photographs, others from digital painting etc. I thought I'd pimp out my faves in case anyone else wanted something new too.

Click on the images to be taken to the DevART pages for downloading!

These next two images are from the Vplants wallpaper set

These last images are from the 91 Vista-like Wallpaper set:

If you would like to check out some more, my DeviantART wallpaper favorites are here

I've been meaning to change my wallpaper for a while. These are all so gorgeous.
so beautiful! i'm stunned. i wish i can make ones like these too. :)
I know! I wish I had a high end camera but I think I'd need to move further north for pretty photographs - and I doubt I'd be able to do such good photoshopping without loads of practice :(
I love at the first and fourth wall. It look real but I know they're probably not from real life. Unless I'm wrong.
Nah, you're right - their too vibrant et all to be normal but I found the colors gorgeous and they had an awesome mood :) I had to share!
!!!! I've been looking for a good wallpaper feed for a week. :P

This post is wonderful. Thank you so much.
I think smashing magazine has a good feed for shiny graphics stuff including wallpapers! Other than that, I'm not sure...

Glad you liked it! I adore nature!wallpapers so I figured I'd pimp them out XD
Wonderful post, I adore wallpapers and these are so shiny. They're giving me ideas of what I want for my LJ header.
Woot, glad it helps! I adore non-fandom headers because they can last super long (with fandom images, I want to switch the pics every other week!)
- (Anonymous)
They were so shiny, they needed a post of their own :) Oh and I got your email and checked her lj! Will reply to her posts in the morning though >_>
Thanks for the links! A good new wallpaper can make my day =D
Gorgeous! :) I snagged about three of them for future use. :) Thanks!!
Oh, hai. This is my first time commenting on your LJ after a... little while lurking *g*

I just wanted to say these are gorgeous and I'm so glad you decided to pimp them out. This is my absolute favourite one; I now have it set it as my wallpaper. Thanks again for sharing! :)
Lol, it's no problem though I'm always glad to see peeps pop out from the woodwork XD

I adore nature!wallpapers since I don't feel the need to change them every other week like with fandom stuff. Am glad you're using one of them :)