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These guys have the best jobs EVER

Naruto vs One Piece vs Bleach:

Poll #1258357 ORGY! I MEAN, FIGHT!

Who comes out on top?

OMG, NEW OT3 - in threesomes, everyone wins \o/

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on the 19th!
Yeah, one thing its not is predictable XD But it just makes it all so much more *fun*
That's EXACTLY what sent me running the first time - but its so insanely popular I wanted to give it another try and I finally got used to the idea after many many months. Granted I found myself super skimming early episodes but...I really like it now :) It's light and silly and lovable and crazy I wanna see where it goes :)

Just for that, you get to rec me the next anime/manga I watch! :)
Ah, do you have a list of watched!anime or anime you tried already? I'd have to rec something you've already seen XD

All I've seen is Samurai Champloo, Vision of Escaflowne and about a third of Sailor Moon. Anything else would be awesome!
My favourite Pirate joke.

Why are pirates called pirates?
Because they aaaaaarrrrrrrr!
As a theadless t-shirt once said, "Pirates and Ninjas both agree, Cowboys suck." I have yet to hear back on shinigami.
I saw that one, and since I am in texas, it might have been interesting - but I kinda know Pirates & Ninjas > Cowboys. Now, if it was Mcain sucks...♥
AHAHAHAH! I love this poll. I think I'm far more partial to Ninjas and Pirates though. *totally bought the Ninjas and Pirates dogging Cowboys shirt*
Ah, but shinigami - in Gundam WIng, Death Note, Bleach, Soul Eater - they're everywhere! And seriously, there are not enough threesomes in this world.

I imagine that they're adventuring on stormy seas, the pirate and ninja at each other's throats (the pirate boisterous and noisy, the ninja...skulking around) and the shinigami is the glue that heps get them together XD TOTALLY HOT
Huw Lemmings of Bunny fame solves this problem with his
Canadian Bunny Stealth Ninja-Pirates