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Default View Custom Filter? Is way cool *_*

[001] I've been active on LJ for over 2 years but I only just discovered that you can create a custom friends filter called Default View and lj will automatically treat that as your regular flist. The only difference between my old view and the new one is that my new one doesn't have the icons journals and layout stuff. Instead, I created an icon filter for all of that. It's so clean and easy to read now *_*

Though I finally understand how some people can read their flists when they have 800+ friends. Still, I can't stand the idea of filtering friends out.

[002] I found the above option via azurelunatic's posts on the basics of lj and friending - supremely useful for anyone on LJ.

[003] Chester Bennington's comments about the VMAs this year had me going, HELL YEAH. I remember the VMAs in highschool had me going o_O from all the rock bands and stuff. This year was Disney, complete with sparkles and kinda sucked balls IMO.

[004] Have caught up with One Piece. Episode 312 with the Going Merry had crying. I have now decided I'm going to try out a few more shows I initially skipped because of first impressions, starting with Gintama. After that, probably Samurai Champloo. Rurouni Kenshin will probably always be my favorite samurai!anime though.

[005] I don't want to get back into reading Naruto until we have SOME resolution for Naruto+Sasuke because that's the only thing that I really want to know. I'm going to try the One Piece manga soon and might catch up with Bleach (hopefully there'll be around 100 chapters to read by now)

[006] Will be sharing Adobe Illustrator and Sai Painting Tool (english version) soon ^_^
Going Merry ;_______;

One Piece is my favorite ongoing shounen manga besides FMA. It's just so inspirational and the characters are so awesome. I love the straw hats and their relationship to pieces. :)

Luffy's odd rubbery nature and the BEADY, BEADY eyes felt wrong (I still miss regular anime eyes) but the series grew on me, epecially since I watched in in superspeed XD I think the manga might be easier since it's possible to read at one's own pace and skim through parts of less interest. I love the Luffy!crew - its the odd boss!battles with peeps from absolutely nowhere that make me skip. Now, I can always count on it for some laughs and fun - Luffy is super reliable, in a crazy and lovable way XD

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Yayyy illustrator! I need to start learning how that program works for school ~_~
I just got Illustrator this past week and am hoping to try doing graphics for layouts with it :) The tuts online for it are STUNNING and I really want to give it a spin :)
I'm doing stuff in graphic design and I'm gonna finally get shown the program so I'm excited for it ^^
Oooh, Iluustrator! But I can't remember if I actually have it or not. @_@
Haha, I had it before (a long time ago) but never used it. Now, am determined to try!
What is illustrator?

Also, that friends filter thing is genius and like you, I had no previous knowledge of such a nifty little tool.
It's a graphics program that lets you create vector based art and is getting for more popular for website design and stuff.

The default view filter makes everything so much easier!
Is it sort of/kind of like dreamweaver or is it different? I'm very curious to see it, both dreamweaver and illustrator that is :)

I know! It's great! Thanks!
Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG editor - programming HTML stuff - but Illustrator is all about graphics. Thing photoshop except with just the pentool and stuff. It crazy awesome for patterns and illustrations and stuff.
Oh, wow, I am such a n00b at all this. But that's awesome since I LOVE photoshop and illustrator sounds awesome XD
Yeah, it's tutorials like that that make me want to play around with the program ^_^
I thought the VMAs this year were kind of disappointing too. The last one I remember really enjoying was the one Jimmy Fallon hosted however many years ago.
I watched a few clips of interest and some recap posts but couldn't bear to waste my time watching it all the way through - Disney stars just don't do it for me.
Though I finally understand how some people can read their flists when they have 800+ friends. Still, I can't stand the idea of filtering friends out.

Amen. I'm torn on filtering friends out. Personally, I'm against it, yet, I can understand why people do it. I think there's a certain amount of arrogance to it in that they think you're reading their flists, they read yours, but you're not. You're not even showing them on your radar. (Erm, but you, I don't mean you.) Yet, people have different reasons for friends than I do. *shrugs* Some people I highly respect have 800ish friends because their journals are locked and they are obliging enough to friend back *fill in the blank* so said person can read their journal. In those situations, I don't think one is obligated to read the other individual's flist. That's why I'm torn. I personally have a locked journal and a small flist, because I don't have time to keep up with any more people. It's difficult enough as it is, and the thought of trying to read more journals makes me @_@. I think in situations like mine, I'd rather have someone defriend me than filter me out. Why? Because I read every person on my flist as thoroughly as I can. It's a respect thing, imho. But, that's me. I can't empathize or understand what it's like to have a 200+ person flist and still maintain closeness with people. I'm a space cadet, so I'm afraid of accidently blowing someone off. However, it can be done. I've got friends who are able to maintain close relationships with large flists. As for those with 700+...well, *shrugs* I don't know. So back to the beginning of my circular logic. I see the need and reasoning for it, I just don't personally wish to be filtered out. I'd rather be defriended. If one is okay with reading and not being read, that's their prerogative and choice. o.O; guh. This has become tl;dr. Sorry.
I've been using a filtered Default view for years, mainly to filter out communities. I keep those in a separate filter that I can access from the links section of my layout.

I do have a few personal journals filtered out. In one case, it's because the person is currently reposting fic that has a pairing that squicks me so badly, I stay away from LJ for days. It's only temporary, though. She'll be back in once that fic is done. She posted something like 12 parts in one single day...

I have two other people filtered out that I'd defriend, but I generally don't defriend unless someone defriends me, first. I finally decided one day that I couldn't deal with any more passive/aggressive crap, so out they went. The one person probably wouldn't care if I defriended her, but the other would probably cause some drama. That's the last thing I need/want.

Overall, filtering out three people from a list of 600+ isn't so bad, right? ^_~
LOL@Chester's comments. I don't watch MTV anymore mainly because 1. I can't - I don't have cable and 2. Even if I did have cable it fell out of my viewing preferences years ago. It is totally and completely Disney.

BTW: Thanks for hte friending tips up there. =]
>_> I didn't know about Default View until you said something in this post... and I've been on LJ for 5 years. XD;
1--I didn't know that either....interesting ;).

2--Those were some nifty links. You've always got the best meta links ;)

3--I DVR'd it watched maybe 18 minutes of the entire thing and part of that was two performances. ;)
Was reading the Basics of Friending when something about RSS feeds just clicked with me that might be of concern or importance I haven't really thought this through:
I watch your journal, via RSS feed but haven't friended you. Scarily, I've just worked out that my RSS reader can see your locked entries. I cannot visit your locked entries here on LJ, but I can read anything that's not under a cut in my RSS reader.
I had no idea this could happen, and frankly, it's a little frightening.
Has anyone else noticed this and I'm just freaking for no reason? Should you want to make a public announcement in a relevant community, go for it.
I might suggest a cut for all things locked in the future?
Which entries has this happened for? Because in some cases, posts start out locked and get unlocked later or vice versa. If they are entries that have always been locked from the momment they were posted, then I'd love to know which RSS reader you're using and will prob make a post asking peeps about it. It really depends on the entries tho.

If there is a privacy/security issue, we'd probably need to make a support thread to get some details on the issue. Luckily, most of RL stuff doesn't get posted here but certain uploads do, so I'd rather those not get leaked to the wrong folks >_> But the are prob LJ users who'd freak at the thought of their posts getting leaked.
A few posts came through, one was titled 'Painting Tool Sai' and the other was 'Adobe Illustrator CS3', neither of which I can see in your standard unlocked journal. I'm using Google Reader. Eeeeeeeeee.
Uploads are, as a rule, unlocked for 24 hours (or if posted on weekends, up to 48 hours) and then f-locked to prevent them showing up in google searches later :)

This is so that other peeps can enjoy the uploads while I can also prevent the links from getting leaked to the wrong companies/peeps XD

So yeah, you'd definitely get to see them in feeds and if you have a reader that saves a copy for offline reading, then its as good as right clicking and saving the page :) That's what I usually tell peeps not friended back - just save the page and use the links when they have time to download ^_^
OK PHEW. That's good news, I was starting to think there would be a mass RSS Safety Movement. Breeaaathe. Haha, thanks for clearing that up :) In other news, I really like the look of that Painting Tool Sai thing, but sadly I have a Mac and assume it wont work on my computer. Aaaaanyway :)
Hahahaha, yeah the programs are for Windows - but you can google a torrent for Macs I think >_>