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Last bit of spammage ^^

[001] Newest icon is made of win, yes? It's a variation of an old one and is specifically for Macross Frontier but also for all those fandoms where canon gets so crazy it should jump off a cliff. Afterlife!fic would be more fun anyway >_<

[002] Tried waxing my eyebrows at home with those small pre-made wax strips. The skin turned red and bumpy and started burning. Is probably going to take the weekend to heal ;_;

[003] lillym0n pointed this article out which reminds me that there is very little hope for the males of our species *wince*

[004] Lifehacker has had some interesting posts in the past day or two. They pimped out:
Wow. Men are obsolete and should be disposed of.

In other news, the link to learning Photoshop in one week isn't working but perhaps that's just me.
There are moments where I do ask god why men exist. But then I end up reading yaoi manga and it all disappears in a puff of smoke XD

Odd, but it seems to be working for me ^_^;
True, true. You brought up a good point there. lol!

Hm, well that figures. I'll have to try it on explorer then. Thanks :D

Also, I concur that icon is, in fact, made of win. Oh the many times I wish that had happened in several different fandoms. lol XD
Hmm, I should make one that says: Luca detonates Little Girl. End.
Having just watched episodes 12 to 21 of Macross Frontier, that icon is so bloody fitting.

And that article is a perfect example of why we should all stick to yaoi manga.
Your poor skin :( A friend of mine said I should get a professional to pluck my brows but I'm such a wimp. They're very sparse anyway.

The cheese lovers have taken over the world *le sigh*

Much win! :D
Threading takes longer but unlike waxing, its unlikely to damage the skin IMO. Waxing can, if done poorly, result in owies.

I love cheese, but I don't need it in *every* meal >_>

I'm currently sporting the au naturale (said in a very fake French accent) look. But I shall take your advice into hand (uh, literally I guess *is shot*) when the occasional demands it (or succumb to a makeover).
#2 - Ouch!!!!!

I'll stick to hair removal creams thank you very much! LoL!