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About You Questionnaire/Poll!

Lots of people on the friends-of list. I'm not sure if most of the ljs are dead journals or just people who lurk (edit: lurking is 100% alright with we XD).

Here's a poll - actually it's a questionaire - for anyone who has me friended. Would appreciate it if you could fill it out! It would definitely reduce the paranoia >_>

Edit: Just want to mention that I'm ultimately just curious - I'm not doing any lj changes or anything. Just wanna know more about you. And if you'd rather skip, that's fine.

Answers only viewable by me!

Poll #1259443 About you

How on earth did you stumble on my LJ?

Do you do any of the following: lurk, read online fic, write fic, do graphic stuff, rec?

So uh, who are you? Be as vague as you want XD

What fandoms are you reading/active/lurking in?

If you are in any fandoms, do you have any ships?

What's the latest fic or/and fanfic writer that you really enjoyed reading? Or manga/book?

What do you blog/post about? RL, Fandoms, fics written, icons, memes, reccing?

Who's your favorite icon maker right now?

Why did you friend this lj?

Anything you wish to see in a future post?

Also, if you've ever wanted to say anything in particular to me, here's your chance. IP logging is OFF, anonymous comments are OK, but all comments are screened.

Anything said in this post is between you and me only.
- (Anonymous)
I've said it in my profile and I'm really fine with people lurking (more o_O at all the dead journals) - I just realised that there are 500+ peeps who I don't have friended back and I wanted to be able to...draw lurkers out from the woodwork? Because polls = awesomeness XD

I lurk/track tags/read feeds instead of friending a lot of the time and I have always been a lurker - my only 'active' thing on LJ is posting everyday (which I only started doing this year) I fail at replying to comments and posts on the flist so I do get where you're coming from.

You are always free to defriend - but at the same time, you are always welcome to stick around. If I were against lurkers, this would be a friends only lj. Personally? I hate it when I come to someone's journal and its friends locked and I have no idea what they might post and whether they might be good to friend for reading. So i couldn't bear to do that to others.

Sorry for making you stress out about this *headdesk* was srsly not my intention. What sounds fine in my head doesn't always come out right in words >_>