Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Funny icons XD

[001] Ended up re-reading the awesomeness that is Situation Normal by Sleeps with Coyotes. And then Contact. And then switched fandoms and read her other fics If & And. DAMN YOU MULTI-FANDOM WRITERS. Totally got sidetracked from other things :< But yeah, she's wonderful.

[002] FABULOUS Gundam Wing fanart - it's Preventer Wind aka Milliardo Peacecraft aka Zechs Merquise - and he happens to have a picture in his hand ;D

[003] Found some hillarious icons at hazelsparkle:



I burst out laughing everytime I see the omg.yay one XD

[004] The Power Traveller's Checklist - something to look over before you travel! Some rather useful tips actually.

[005] bday_packages is a comm where members send each other gifts on their birthday. Kinda awesome to receive surprise packages that aren't junkmail, lol. Might join next summer.

[006] There was a post on meta_fandom on Words You Don't See Often Enough in Fanfic. It got me wondering, are there any words that would make you CHEER if you saw them in original fics or fanfics?

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