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Deviant Art pimpin'

If you're not in the mood for art and fanart, skip. It's all about recent discoveries on DevART.
  1. Naruto + Sasuke fanart: Discovered orpheelin today via her most popular piece on DA, which is NaruSasu. However, she does not draw yaoi. She been doing art for a while now and I really like the poses and angles/perspectives. It's a very anime!style that reminds me of art from Kizuna and Ai no Kusabi.

    She has a lot of pretty boys (1, 2, 3, 4) but nearly everything is het...and one art piece that is almost femmeslash.

    And she posted a threesome today - very pretty lineart. But it feels like its all about the woman though >_> Perhaps having a woman in the middle is supposed to make it more balanced? But I'd have loved to see the woman on the left and one of the boys in the center. Less focus on just one character and more lovin' amongst all three :F

  2. Hot Velma! (Scooby Doo): Who couldn't STAND the Scooby gang as a kid? *raises hand* The only redeeming bit was Velma - she was a geek who (IMO) pwned everyone else. And yeah, I kinda thought she could be hot. This pic proves it -___-

  3. Hot Blond Vega (Street Fighter) + Gambit (X-Men): If these were available in my highschool years and my mom wouldn't have killed me dead, I'd have posted them over my bed, LOL

  4. The BEST One Piece Fanart EVAH + Random chibi shot of Zoro & Luffy: Yeah, never thought I'd be into One Piece art but the first one was so well done! And I'm a sucker for chibis *shrugs*

  5. Rock stars: why bandom is probably always going to be popular...

  6. Heero/Duo (Gundam Wing): sharona1x2 pointed out that the artist who drew that Zechs piece I pointed out earlier, also drew a fantastic 1x2 piece too! I think I was at Terminus at the time and missed it :(
:D :D :D

2. I've always loved Velma.

3. OH GAMBIT. *swoon*

6. Gundam Wing was once a big love of mine. I wrote, with my friend in seventh and eighth grade, self insert fic where she was with Duo and I was with Heero. Oh, I totally used to carry a picture of him in my wallet. *hides*

PS, Thanks for adding more to my list of art recs. I have them all pasted in, and was annotating them. Now I need to do more research. <3.
I feel the need to constantly explain that I never really watched GW, just jumped into the fanfic - Duo will always be my fave (very much an OTC) and I can read him with anyone but really love the 1x2x1 fics ^^

Highschool...was mainly X-Men:Movieverse and X-Men: Evolution and Rogue/Wolvie fanfics LOL. Slash only took hold in the 21st century XD

My favorites and collections are over here if you ever need any more:

It's gorgeous, isn't it? Mid action and it seems to tell a whole story *_*

I wonder if there are animated icons where we're shaking another person back and forth and squees spastically hahaha
Yeah, you know, I never really liked Scooby Doo. The show overall is pretty annoying and boring.

That Gambit pic is O_O
Used to watch the new adventures of johnny quest and I think...swatkats? I loathed Scooby Doo with every fibre of my being hahaha

Was such an x-men fan in highschool XD
I thought the comment by the artist of the Naruto/Sasuke pic was interesting. She wonders how popular the pic will be because it's yaoi. I almost feel like commenting to her that it probably will get a lot more attention, because yaoi fans are VERY demonstrative in their support of artists and authors. ^_~

Btw, thanks again for posting that link yesterday. Because of you, I went through a lot of the Heero/Duo/GW art at dA and created a small gallery of favorites.
Sometimes those kind of comments rub me the wrong way. It makes me wonder if peeps equate yaoi fans to something similar like extreme Twilight fangirls of something.

Personally, I can tell the NaruSasu piece is the #1 favorite on her DevART account because it's the best piece there - especially the coloring. It being yaoi probably brought those interested in that, but also other peeps because it was in that grey aread of may/may not be yaoi.

I kinda hated the way peeps commented saying basically, "I hate yaoi but I love this and am faving" It felt like it was cheapening the pic into a pr-yaoi/anti-yaoi msg. I faved it ignoring the msg/description attached though.

All that aside though, am very happy you have a GW gallery! I'm going to head over now and check it out ^_^
Yay, thank you!!! I'll have to update my favorites later this morning. ^____^

My gallery isn't a complete one of all that I liked. I didn't add anything done by friends. I figured I could find them pretty easily. These were mostly pics I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find again without a lot of searching.
\o/ It's awesome to have friends and lj folk on DevART - most of the H/D seems to reside solely on LJ and the few that are on haven't really broken out like buttfacemakani et all. Definitely wish there was more cross pollination...