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Poll Management on LJ

[001] koizumi @ halare completed request icons, which means a few new icons *points*

[002] The latest twilight!themed strip at Head Trip is creepy and pretty (the first panel *_*) and freaky all at the same time, LOL

[003] I submitted an idea (back in July actually, but just got posted today!) to suggestions for a new page that would list all the past polls you've made on LJ and let you manage them in one place. Do comment over there with opinions if you can.

[004] The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag. It works as long as someone doesn't decide to go ahead and chuck it out >_>

[005] VLC media player has been updated with a new interface. Kinda nice, though ever since I sound :( Should probably revert back to the old version. Oh well, it was pretty good eyecandy while it lasted.
Yeah, but no one's going to touch it, right? It's awesome how useful a bit of spray paint can be XD
Oooh, thanks for the heads up on VLC. It has sound for me, thankfully, and I adore it. :D
My biggest issue with VLC has always been the interface. It needs to be more intuitive, especially for playlists et all.

But... glad it was useful ^^
#4 - Oh, wait, it's green paint on the plastic. I thought for sure the bread was moldy.

Why don't you try using GOM Player? It's better than VLC (plays MKV, MP4 quite well) and easier for screencapping.
I usually use media player classic and windows media classic for playlist stuff - but VLC is what I use for MKV files. Does GOM work for those and allow for switching between multiple audio tracks and subtitles tracks?
It does play MKV better than VLC. I've played several MKV files with it before and it works great.

As for the switching tracks and subtitles thing, I'm not too sure on that as I never utilise those.
I have some fafner episodes in MKV - I'll try them out in GOM and try switching audio and subs *crosses fingers*

Thanks for the tip btw!
Oh god that lunch bag LMAO I should get something like that one day XDD