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Made of Fail XD

via bzzinglikeneon and glockgal :)

The first one:

Okaaaaay. I really don't see it >_<

The second time:

LOL, HEATH LEDGER FTW. Was about to give up, but was like, what the hell, let's see one last time...

I guess they don't have any indians on that database or I look way more far east asian or latino >_<
You really do look like Jasmine Trias in that last picture. Sadly, I have no idea who she is, or if you'd look like her in other pictures.
While I threw in the towel with that last one, it was the one that at least had some basic similarities I gess - Jasmine was in...American Idol? I think? Not really sure. And I can't recall if she's Hawaiin or far eastern...

I think it really just depends on the picture uploaded o_O

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Made of fail indeed, I got Jackson Browne and Keanu Reeves and Ian Somerhalder when I tried it. XD
I was about to console you but then - Heath Ledger? Seriously? Huh. *squints at the pictures*

I think the lower facial structure of Sheryn Regis is similar to you. You both have apples in your cheeks! (Odd expression, on second thoughts)
They have noooo Indians, man. I kept getting white (?!?!!?), Asian or Hispanic. I didn't even get any black celebs and I'm like, fweh? But yay! Your face is apparently quite celeb, because I actually recognize more than half the people on your lists! Beyonce AND Heath? How can you go wrong with a face like that. \o/

akljdasdka;lksd when i did this last time I got mainly guys D:
Rofl Heath Ledger? The last time I did this 3 or so years ago I got that actress from the Mummy *yay* even though I don't look like her at all. They suck.

I did it just now and the only person I got was Ayumi!

Your smile on the second picture is adorable,btw. :D

I bet if I put a picture of a celebrity,they won't show the picture of the celebrity herself,that's how much they fail. >_>

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^^ I think you do look like Jasmine. Thank Depp for one truth out of all those discrepancies. ^^ I might try this!
Cool~ 4 of your results are celebrities from our country, somewhere here in Southeast Asia. ^___~