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Bah, have no idea where I'm going with this :(

While I haven't been reading Quality of Mercy for the longest time, I'm happy sarahtales was able to complete the story. Having said that, I found the discussion on the reactions to the ending rather interesting. Yes, some people read it as H/G and others read it as H/D (depending on if you were coming from reading Maya's het fic or were reading Drop Dead Gorgeous et all instead - and of course, shipping biases).

I do understand why peeps who were dissatisfied with the ending would have felt it was a bait and switch. The author never stated the actual pairings and if they'd known the pairing before hand or if the fic was labelled gen, they probably wouldn't have bothered.

Why is it though, that we find it so difficult to read ships different from our faves? What if a fic has subtext focussed on our OTP but also others? What makes it so hard to read, or in some cases, something we'd just skip?

I find myself doing that a lot, particularly when a fic has both Snarry and H/D and it seems to usually end as Snarry. I can't bring myself to read it because my OTP isn't present at the end. The thought of reading something like that sends me running in the opposite direction and I can't even explain my feelings which just seem to say "DO. NOT. WANT" - its such a gut reaction. And I know I'm probably missing brilliant fic because of it.

So, do we define ourselves as (H/D) shippers first and (HP) fans second? Why do we sometimes not enjoy a fic - no matter how well written - because it lacks our favorite ship or character(s). Is our involvement in fandom dependant on seeing those particular aspects that interest us? And when we don't get what we expect/want - it spoils the whole experience?
You're describing me exactly. I don't consider myself a Gundam Wing fan. I consider myself a Heero/Duo fan. I won't read anything that has them paired with anyone else, no matter if it's the most brilliant story ever written. I care about the relationship between those two characters more than I do about the quality of the writing. They are my focus, and have been almost since the beginning of my time in fandom.

I won't even read fic where the guys are paired with other people before getting together. I do everything possible to avoid pairings I don't like, even if it means skipping certain Heero/Duo fics.

The sad thing is that I've taken SO MUCH criticism for that over the years. It used to bother me a lot, but now I just think people who try to force pairings on me are rude. I don't tell them what to read, so they have no right to tell me what I should. Fandom is supposed to be what I do for enjoyment. I have no obligations to anyone but myself. ^_~
For me personally, the books are the ultimate gen. I'm just not interested in a fic unless it's about a pairing I love. That said, I don't read for the smut. I actually find myself scrolling through that most of the time. I mainly read to see character A and B develop individually and together.

I've missed out on quite a few fics that end well for my pairing mainly because a side pairing squicks me. Namely Snarry, Snaco or Ron/Draco. In the end though I'm not going to torture myself for 3/4 of a fic to get to my preferred result.

I think it's mostly just the HP fandom for me. I read a lot of gen fic from other book fandoms (The Dark is Rising, His Dark Materials etc), but if the hp fic isn't the pairing I want, then it's out. I guess I just have H/D tunnel vision. I can read some other Harry pairings, but the OTP always wins out and I find I don't care. ;)

Anyway, enough rambling. I should have left ages ago. *hugs*
For me it's more about the characters, than the ship. I won't read a fic if it centres around a character I don't like, and I don't like most of the women in HP, so I really hate reading HP het.

I read quite a few pairings, but prefer Harry to be involved in them, the only non-Harry pairing I really like is Ron/Draco.

I quite like fics with multiple pairings in that I like, eg. if a fic has HP/DM and HP/SS, I'll probs love it, without minding who Harry ends up with.

About QoM, I've just started it (I cant read WIPs), even though I know the end pairing, but because I love Maya's writing, and I know it'll be a good story. I might not be able to finish it, but I'm hoping.
When I first that fic, I had initially thought that it was, well, H/D but as the chapters went on, it was obvious that it wasn't but at times, I felt like it was because of the way she wrote Harry & Draco's interactions.

For me, it depends on the fandoms and characters. I can read other pairings aside from my OTP when it's well and convincingly written but if it features a particular character I don't like, then I hightail it out of there. Nevermind that maybe the fic is great. I can't explain it but yeah, my generally feeling is like yours 'Do Not Want'.
I've noticed that most people have this tunnel vision that is all about the OTP. And I don't get that, it might have something to do with the fact that I don't have OTP's, I'm happy with any pairing, hell, half the time I'm a gen reader. While I enjoy character as much as plot, I want the story to be well written, I don't care how well you handle the OTP, if the spelling and grammar is bad enough to pull me out of the story, I'll stop reading and go onto the next link. Good writing is top of my list.
I'll tell you what gets me cranky, warning for Het, what the hell?! That just leaves me floored when I see it happen sometimes. It's like Het is some kind of disease that should never be read about.
sorry for jumping in!
Why is warning for Het insulting when people warn for Slash all the time? People used to have to warn for slash all the time because it was against the norm; now sometimes, in certain journals or locations, slash is the norm so they have to warn anyone if there is something different. Some people don't like reading slash because they don't find it enjoyable, and some people don't like reading het because they don't find it enjoyable. Why is that upsetting?

I don't always see "warnings" as warnings, either. Sometimes people use them almost as summaries so people can tell whether or not the fic will be their cup of tea. Some people will probably see the "het" warning and think "oh, good!"
Well, it doesn't apply to me 'cos I'm a multishipper. If I mistakenly thought a fic would be H/D but it turned out to be Snape/Flich AND if it were well-written, I won't be disappointed. But it's another thing when I feel that the author couldn't decide what pairing they were writing. I'm not speaking of QoM; I haven't read that.
I have almost 7 gig of fics saved off on my hard drive to read when I have time...and that's for the pairings I like.

That's not counting all the ebooks and hardcopy books I have yet to read.

I usually don't take the time to read fics of pairings I'm not in to, no matter how well written they may be.

I say usually, because I do read gen fics quite often. As long as there is NO het pairing, or explicit het pairing, I will go for plot. I'm not going to read H/G or SS/HG, or really any explicit het fics, ever.

I would say I define myself as a m/m shipper - any fandom. Right now I'm reading The Kept Man, which is a Life on Mars fic with Gene/Sam pairing. I'm also reading several Snarry's and trying to read the HD Inspired fics. I'm reading the hard copy Book 3 of Ai no Kusabi, the hard copy Book 2 of the Alex Rider series, and the hard copy of Tunnels. So really, when would I have time to fit in a H/G fic?

I read Quality of Mercy because of Draco being such a main character in it. Just for the way he is written in that fic, I am glad I did. I would have liked a different ending, but it's still open enough that in my mind, I can see him getting together with Harry at a later point.
So, do we define ourselves as (H/D) shippers first and (HP) fans second?

That's not an either-or issue for me. I'm a HP fan, but there are ships that I enjoy more than others, so I usually tend to stick to those since my reading time is limited. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy other ships as well, but - and this is my issue with QoM - the ship needs to make sense to me in the context of the story. With QoM, I just didn't buy that last-minute turnaround at all, so the ending fell totally flat for me because it didn't connect with the development that had been going on for 28 chapters or so before. I remember that some H/D fans were upset when hackthis's "Trade" didn't end with H/D, but I loved that fic because the author managed to convince me that the other pairing worked better for the characters as they were presented in the story. So, for me, this isn't a shipping issue at all, it's a matter of storytelling.
It isn't only a certain pairing that can hold back a person from reading a potentially great fic. I find that quite a few people don't like to read fics involving character death. Or certain genres eg AU (one too many badly written High School AU can taint your perspective perhaps). People have certain preferences about what they like to read. It probably is self limiting. But fandom is for enjoyment (hopefully!) and is you seek out the aspects that maximise the enjoyment factors then you're likely to be more pleased if not particularly surprised.
I happily read various pairings. Even het! :D

And it's not that I absolutely need to know ahead of time the pairing (though that is certainly my preferance for long fics), but when I read QoM I felt very strongly that the only way for Harry and Draco to find happiness was with each other. Both character were entirely obsessed with each other. The fic was ABOUT the fact that they were obsessed with each other. I know I'm a totally biased reader, but for me the HD interaction stands out far more than the plot when I think back on the fic.

So it ended H/G, that's fine. But for me to believe that Harry and Draco were truly happy with that ending I would have needed several more chapters of them finding a middle ground between their obsessive!hate and their obsessive!lust.
I didn't mind it ending H/G because she ended up making Ginny a character I could actually like. That's pretty much it for me; I like H/D because they're my favourite characters (well, and Snape but I have adult/child reliationship issues that I will only be comfortable with when a writer is also aware/comfortable with the problems inherent in that kind of relationship, and so I tend to only read a really heavily recced S/H or S/D; also Luna is awesome but she's just not that popular in fanfic so she tends to be the femmeslash I read). When a writer turns Ron or Ginny or Hermione or Pansy etc. into characters I actually like (as in makes them more complex, stops them from constantly screeching, lets them give other characters some credit sometimes, etc), I don't mind reading them. But I tend not to like them as much, and since H/D takes up so much of my time, I only read other pairing fics by trusted recs. Really that's what it ultimately comes down to. I have the tunnel vision because that's all I have time for! *lol*
Beats me but that's just how it is. I just feel very sad if my OTP don't get together at the end - or if their prospects are killed off by another pairing (note that I have nothing against gen fics) - especially if it is good writing because that makes it only more believable. For me, my OTP is like having feelings for someone in RL -- to a degree. If I get invited to a group activity which ends with that someone getting together with someone else after he's flirted with me all through it, then that'd invariably make me said, however much I enjoyed the actual group activity. At least, that's the closest analogy I can come up with for the phenomenon. *shrugs*
Oh, and I haven't yet read QoM (and it seems like it will probably go on my HD only to gather dust on the odd probablity that I'll brave to read it in the future).
I used to do that...but lately I've been reading (OMG!!) het that I didn't even know was het until halfway through the story and by then, I'm hooked into the plot and feel the need to complete it.

So I think I'm an HP fan first and a H/D second.


It all depends on the story, I guess.
I think it depends on what I'm expecting. I'll read almost any pairing and any genre, but I like to know beforehand what that pairing/genre is. I, for some reason, thought QOM was all about H/D and that H/G was something that just had to be there, but would eventually disappear. When it didn't, I was disappointed only because it wasn't what I was expecting.

I guess, for me, it's just when something is different than what I expected that I don't like it. So if something says Snarry, and it ends up being Drarry, then I won't like it, or vice versa. If that makes any sense?
i have no idea why i react the way i do, i.e. DO NOT WANT if there's no h/d in a fic that features harry and draco. unless it's a friendship fic in which they are not dating other people, but even for that i have to be really in the mood.

i don't really care if i miss "brilliant" fic because of it. when it comes to fic, i'm not interested in "oh, look how wonderful this author has constructed the characters and what lovely writing style blah blah" when the h/d is misleading or missing.