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Violin piece on youtube

Originally for lunylucy but I'm spamming y'all with it XD

Violins are gorgeous instruments but so few peeps on youtube ever sound good - mostly its just screeching wires.

This guy? IS FABULOUS.

It's from Full Metal Alchemist BTW :)

He's fab! I like Lucia Micarelli as well. She doesn't do Full Metal Alchemist, but I love her playing.
Ooooh, any links? I'm in a very violin!mood XD

Though I'll be watching SPN in 20 mins hahaha
This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! I'm endlessly surprised at how gorgeous anime soundtracks can be.

If you're interested, I have many quality violin links on youtube (it's a bit of an obsession of mine). Most are classical, but relatively unknown classical pieces. Again, just holla' if you would care for a few links. ♥
Glad you liked it - I love foreign music and instrumental pieces.

*grabby hands* Would love violin links! Actually, so would lunylucy probably, lol. Unknown classical pieces are AWESOME - would love to listen :)

ugh people like this make me wish I had continued with music lessons D:
The saddest thing is that unless you're *great* with a violin, peeps sound worse than wailing cats :(
This is amazing. I don't even watch FMA... so how on earth do I recognise this piece? wow. beautiful
I always feel like my heart is breaking whenever I hear this song. Gah. Lovely, lovely piece. *____*