27 Question Meme


This is the new and much better 27 Question Meme by cordelia_v.

And since I'd never get around to messaging y'all the questions privately, I've included them in this post. Yeah, I fail at doing memes properly >_>

The Rules:
There are 27 questions.
Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits
Answer each question using only one name each. (This rule has been thrown out the window)
Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme. *whistles innocently*
  1. Someone I’d enjoy going out for a drink with.
  2. Someone who knows even more literary references than I do.
  3. Someone who makes me laugh, again and again.
  4. I’m amazed at how much this person does for fandom. When do they sleep?
  5. Someone whose posts teach me things about how to raise children.
  6. My twin, clearly separated from me at birth.
  7. Someone who’s pimped me into a new fandom. Thanks, dear!
  8. Someone who’s lifted my spirits when I was down.
  9. I trust this person to never forward any email I send them, no matter how much I’m venting.
  10. Someone whose insights are consistently illuminating.
  11. I not only like this person, but their significant other sounds like I’d enjoy him/her, too.
  12. Someone who is consistently kind. Which is rarer than you’d think.
  13. An astonishingly good writer. And she/he is sharing this largesse with us as a gift.
  14. Someone I really hope I can meet in person, someday.
  15. I’d give this person my power of attorney.
  16. This person couldn’t be further from me in terms of politics and lifestyle. But I’m glad she/he is on my flist, anyway.
  17. If I shared a hotel room at a con with this person, I’m pretty sure we’d stay up til 3 a.m. talking.
  18. This person humors me a lot. I’m grateful.
  19. This person has taught me new things about spirituality or religion. Or at least makes me think about it from a different angle.
  20. Someone who is obviously a terrific cook. I hope I get to eat at their house, someday!
  21. Someone whose stories I enjoy beta’ing.
  22. Someone who has a gift for meta.
  23. Someone whose quiet reliability and good sense is a great gift, from my POV.
  24. She/he speaks a language that I wish *I* could speak!
  25. My tech question guru.
  26. I just like how his/her mind works.
  27. My God, this person is smart. They blow me away.

  1. _pinkchocolate & coffeejunkii
  2. Probably most of my f-list. nqdonne perhaps?
  3. cornmouse
  4. painless_j
  5. libby_drew
  6. carameltrap
  7. sharona1x2
  8. My f-list is generally just THAT awesome.
  9. maderr
  10. furiosity
  11. libby_drew - her whole family
  12. RL friend, wxy
  13. snegurochka_lee & maderr
  14. carameltrap
  15. furiosity
  16. Hmm, don't really find anybody that different on my f-list
  17. shabzilla & hydrangea
  18. aggybird - generous, sweet AND funny ♥ Ah, I might have read the Q differently...
  19. bzzinglikeneon for the different angle/POV
  20. Haven't tried my f-list's cooking yet AND Y'ALL NEED TO POST MORE RECIPES.
  21. N/A - I don't beta
  22. static_pixie
  23. sulky_rhino
  24. Anyone who speaks Japanese, lol
  25. khateh & grrliz
  26. who_la_hoop
  27. fourth_rose for the insanely brilliant crack!fics XD

It was incredibly hard to choose just one person, and sometimes I had to pick two :( And there were still several Qs that had me going o_O
No one else really fit XD And srsly, could there be any doubt? I mean, who else would come up with Twilight/HP/Discworld fic et all?

Edited at 2008-09-19 04:42 pm (UTC)
HAHAHAHA, we do it online anyway, so I knew it would happen if we were rooming together XD
I never really thought about it, but then I looked at the names on the flist and I reallised you did fit the most -we do share some fandos, but we usually focus on different aspects or characters so I find you're posts interesting becuse they usually have a different perspective from the one I go in with - stuff which I never really considered :)
Everybody says so about me. I might get a swelled head :) Thanks though :)
Every fandom has its reccers, but IMO there is only one PJ XD HP would never be the same without you and I do think your lists are the reason no matter how insanely huge this fandom is, fans always have somewhere to go :)

It's hard to find reccers whose taste you tend to agree with but yours I do nearly all the time. It sucks when I'm not into a fandom/ship of yours (and vice versa). Perhaps I need to look harder for peeps at recsrainbow but...*shrugs*. I like that your lj isnt just a rec journal but also a personal lj and for fandom thoughts and interests. If you were to leave fandom, I'd wonder about it and keep missing you like hell.

*looks at comment* WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE QUCKIE REPLY? Crap, totally rambled.
I like Bethbethbeth's recs, and also Regan_v's. And I like watching crack_broom. But the two former are Snape's girls :)

I'm not much into HP at the moment. I'm not watching hd_inspired at all, for instance. I think my way of reading HP fiction has changed. Should post about it...
I track the H/D tag at crack_broom and check the rare pairs every few months - and yeah, might be into Snaco but not into Snarry.

Haven't actally read a long HP fic since before August. Read 2 short ficlets in the past 30 days but that was it. It's like Dec/Jan/Feb where I didn't really read anything but focussed on my other fandoms >_>

Would def be interested in reading that post :)
Even when you're not actually reccing stuff, posting the torrents keep them revolving around my head so I'm that much more likely to try them out or pick them back up :) I think you were one of the early few peeps on my flist who watched just as much if not more anime than me - but happened to actually blog about it too ^^ You're the only person who can post birthday wishes every day but never get de-friended 'cause its YOU and *hugs* Ad then you have your recs and commissions every now and then which make me go all *_* and \o/ even though I'm awful and don't actually comment >_>

♥ @ you
I've found that when peeps are super friendly and talkative and have a big presence around me - it can backfire and I end up withdrawing rather than warming up to them. You on the other hand put a smile on my face and I love listening to you and snickering (don't always have much to say but I'm just happy to be there watching all the awesomeness - and really, it can be the most normal thing in the world, but I'll still be grinning)
The only thing I can say about the Japanese language is 'study study study'.... which makes me wish I could take classes for it again. T_T
I wish I could read it for the manga and novels but I wish I could speak it for the anime - its all about entertainment really, hahaha
- (Anonymous)

...cuz I'd probably do whatever you want anyway
- (Anonymous)
- (Anonymous)
I can make the first one work by having a three column layout of sorts, having watanuki in the first column with navigation, entries in the main second column and having the sidebar at the top of the third column and doumeki at the bottom of it. Both imaged would be fixed liked the image in your current layout. It would be a light or white layout

The second image could go across the top (not fixed) or I can extract watanuki and doumeki from the background and put one at the top and the other at the bottom - it may or may not be fixed (depends on how it looks). The layout could be light or dark I think - and I can change the purples to another color if you want.

The third image looks like I could crop it but you'd get watanuki on the left or right (fixed) or both of them at the top (not fixed). You'd get a layout with lots of blues or I could edit the colors into another deep color (maroons, dark forest greens etc.)
- (Anonymous)
We could do the second one in a dark version for now and later switch to a the first option (if you still want that one at the time).

Would you prefer the second one with the image at the top or shall I try splitting watanuki and doumeki up XD Doumeki would probably be annoyed at you but he'd deal hahaha

Bah, you just wrote Wolf given and Seventh Son - you writing = me a happy ducky. It's kinda sad actually >_> Even a tiny fairytale of yours makes me squee more than most authors' fanfics. Though I admit I wonder about Detlef and Weathermage XD
- (Anonymous)
Ah, chapter 3 I think - been a while >_>

Yay, will try it out and see how it looks on a layout :)
Bwahaha. Great minds do think alike. Someday, my lovely, we will meet. Someday.