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Want art, will pay (someday)

[001] It's sad but while I don't think I'd pay $300 for shoes or a bag (yet), I wish I had the $300 to afford a commission by janaschi. Her stuff is stunningly gorgeous, detailed and dynamic and oh lord. Definitely amongst my top 3 artists on DeviantART. I can't believe how much I think about it D:

[002] static_pixie pointed out some awesome SPN news. When it comes to an emotional connection to shows, the audience for SPN comes in at #8 - and this is across ALL american TV shows. Also, SPN's season premiere drew in a fantastic 4 million viewers. The CW heads might pay attention, but I'm not really holding out any hope >_>

[003] red_rahl did a lineart tutorial! Great timing 'cause I stumbled onto alexds1 who posted a tut on Ladies figures that made me pump my fist in the air. There's also a pose tutorial which is brilliant as well as expressions here and here. In November, there'll be a tut on male figures :)

[004] penknife posted about McCaine, Obama and LGBT families - very eye opening.

[005] FYI, if you're here for the hp fic recs, there most likely won't be any for a while. It's a cyclical thing (that's happened for years) and at the moment I'm in my other fandoms - come fall/winter I'll most likely be back into HP fanfics, especially around hd_holidays. For now, not so much.

[006] To read this weekend: maderr's fic, Eroica, Dragon Isles Ebook and orig slash fic recced by libby_drew.

[007] I really want some new foreign music. Anyone have some youtube vids they'd like to spam me with? Far eastern music (though less of j/k pop), european, maybe a bit of south asian and middle eastern. Just some stuff that I won't hear if I switch on local US radio.
That would be lovely :) (Though take your time if need be 'cause I'm ALWAYS up for foreign music - and Russian would be SO COOL XD)
Done. Well, some songs, one band. I'll be uploading some more when I have time. Thing is to remember to do it :)
OMG, YES! That is wonderful *hugs* Will download and tell you what works :) I HAS RUSSIAN MUSIC NAO \O/ Thank you!

"Narda" by Kamikazee. Filipino rock music. Guhhh, I'm in love with the song and band, but I can't find torrents anywhere, so no upload. :( My Tagalog is meh, but basically it's about a guy yearning for a girl who's way out of his league.

And acoustic, because the violin's pretty.
OMG, I've never listened to ANY filipino music, let alone the rock songs. I really want to dl it :( The youtube version does have some background noise/distortion to it.

Thank you for the vids though! Have something to keep an eye out for now :)
Blackmore's Night (which I just discovered a few weeks ago) is excellent.
I can't give particulars because I like them all, but I have downloaded a few of their albums. Hopefully the links still work...

[ Official Website ] [ Last.FM ] [ Wiki ]

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Album: The Village Lanterne (93 MB Zip @ MediaFire)
Genre: Folk Rock, Neo-Medieval
Similar Artists: Loreena McKennitt, Mediaeval Babes, Nightwish, Clannad

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Album: Shadow Of The Moon (57 MB Zip @ MediaFire)

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Album: Ghost Of A Rose (91 MB Zip @ MediaFire)

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Album: Fires At Midnight (134 MB Zip @ MegaUpload)

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Album: Under A Violet Moon (131 MB Zip @ MegaUpload)
*_* Actual Albums! But I'll check their last fm page though for some sounds first :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH *tackle glomp*
hmm... I like F.I.R this c pop band. They've got some catchy stuff.

and Zemfira

I swear I've heard that first one somewhere before! And second one was incredibly catchy and made me start bopping my head, lol \o/

I like guitar/drums/violins and some piano too so the last one wasn't quite the stuff I usually listen to...

but the chorus was lovely -___- Kinda mellow and smooth and I have a feeling it would grow on me :)

Thank you so much for pointing these out! Usually I end up downloading whole albums blindly but I really wanted to try stuff out first - youtube = ♥
$300 for a commission? Wow, I don't think I could ever afford that. The most I've ever paid is around $100. The average I pay is about $55. I'd have to know that I'm getting something perfect in every way before I'd spend that much. I've paid less for actual cels from GW.
My sis was talking about how she didn't buy a $500 bag and I was so happy...until she said she was considering getting a Gucci for $700. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY SISTER? But I guess expendable income means she gets shiny stuff at scary prices.

Very much the same as you - the H/D commish (the one in my icon) was a little over $100 but generally the pricing is between $50 to $100 - esp with multiple characters and detailed background.

But then, if the artist's work would give you exactly what you've always wanted (a dream piece of yours with very specific details) I do think it would be worth it. Especially if the artist's style really connects with you. And IMO, most of the artists on DevART - they're still developing and I expect some peeps' prices to just keep going up. In that case, it makes more sense to get a piece now than wait till later...when they might be too busy or their price doubles D: D:

But yeah, I hear about hundreds/thousands of dollars spent on accessories and in my head I'm going I could get a laptop/car/commissions with that money O_O

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If I had the money, I think I'd end up spending a lot of it or most of it at Deviant Art.

A lot of people like to trash D.A. for the surface of what they see, they tend to miss out on some of the completely and utterly mind blowing art that can be printed, purchased and bought there. It's amazing.

Pauline Croze - T'es Beau. ♥ ♥

Feist - Honey Honey (I know it's english, but ah, I quite love this. It's got this strange haunting/Bjork-esque quality).