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Coming OUT XD

A few friends and my sis know I read slash but that's about it. My parents don't have a clue. And it got me wondering how I'd tell them/others.

Edit: BTW, while my parents are very open minded, we're still an asian indian catholic family. There haven't even been divorces in the extended family, let alone other issues. That's the main reason I never really made it common knowledge. Plus apart from my parents, everyone else who matters, already knows :)

For friends it would probably go sort of like this:
I like men. I like men so much that I don't need to see a woman around. And if one man is good, two are even better.

For parents...I'd show them cute pictures of chibis in love and then tell them the chibis are males >_<

What about y'all?

If you have done it in the past or its all just a hypothetical situation - how would you get it out that you read slash?
Well, my husband knows, of course, and my siblings, and a couple of friends. Pretty much anybody I care a lot about. I don't talk about it with casual acquaintances, though I do enjoy chattering on about it in front of my brother-in-law. ;) How much detail I go into depends on how annoying he's been lately. *g*
I'm am Asian too, so the topic is pretty taboo in my community. Only a total of eight people know that I'm slash-sympathetic. And I'd forced influenced two of them, both very close friends of mine, to read slash. I first broach the topic by casually asking them their opinion about gays or m/m related topics - if they are indifferent or if they support gay rights, then I'd tell them, if not, ah well, I'll just leave it at that.

One of them is a male friend of mine who loves HP. I found out that he writes HP fanfic too and that he likes to read femslash, so I told him about my obsession as well. And the other male friend - it was pretty embarrassing; he accidentally stumbled upon a H/D PWP I wrote a while back - Thank God he was nonchalant about it. He even gave me a review! LOL.
While I told friends I've never really gotten any of them interested so really, all my squee has been online and at Terminus. Still, I'm always able to tell my sis I want to put down the phone so I can get back to reading slash haha

Over here most peeps have been fine with it but back in asia...the community just isn't as welcoming >_>

A male friend who reads femmeslash - yeah, can understand why he'd be 'kay with it, LOL. BUT OMG, a guy who read H/D? Was he a slasher or just interested in seeing what his friend had written?
Most of my friends and some of my family know, because I'm not a very suptle person *G* I love to talk about stuff that I like or love so when I had my obsessive phase with Queer as Folk they couldn't not know. Also when I start with SGA I just can't not mention Johns and Rodney *G* They think I'm a little soft in the head because of it but thats all. Maybe you should try to just tell them about a pairing that you like and start with discribing them as just persons and then after a while you mention that they are male. That would help showing them the reasons first. You know what I mean?
My fandom squee has always been directed at friends so while my parents knew I was into X-Men, Harry Potter, Anime et all, they never actually knew what I was reading. My dad only knew I read those trashy romance novels (het) that my sis used to read. They never actually knew when I moved on from those, lol.

Since we're on separate continents now, I think I'd probably save it for when we migrate to Canada or something. Slash reading habits do not make for a homey phone conversation, lol
I told my hubby when we were driving back from one of his family picnics. We got to talking about building websites, and he asked me if I had one. (I must have dropped a few hints without realizing.) I knew at that point I could lie, or tell the truth. I told him I did, but he probably wouldn't like what I had there. I told him I like reading stories that have guys being romantic with guys. His reaction was to say "My wife likes gay porn!" Then we laughed. It's never been an issue with him.

I told my best friend (and coworker) about it, and she ended up becoming a pretty well known writer (D C Logan) in GW fandom. A couple other coworkers knew because we sat near each other, and overheard conversations. I've also told one other RL friend. I can't remember how I broke the news to any of them, but they all were okay with it.
"My wife likes gay porn!"

OH MY GOD, BEST REACTION HAHA. Having a hubby who's comfy with it all is really great ^_^

Oh to convert a local friend to writing slash. What a nice picture in my head *_* Being able to talk about it at works sounds like so much fun - I'd be snickering half the time but enjoying each day. Though I guess it might have been distracting at some points, lol
My parents don't know that I read slash fanfiction, per se, but they do know that I read gay romance novels. Because I loved Kluger's Almost Like Being in Love so much that I just had to make both my mom and my sister read it too. And then my mom found and read one of my other gay romance novels. And then she found another, though that one I advised her not to read. So ... while I'm not sure I ever actually said that I love gay romance, it's probably safe to say that she more or less got the idea. And she always talks to dad about the stuff she reads.

Anyone who's ever asked me directly what I like to do in my spare time or what kind of books I like to read or what's that book that I'm reading right now, be they friend or random classmate, knows. No-one's ever reacted negatively, so I see no reason to hide it. :P
You converted your mom? WOOT, YOU ARE BRILLIANT. That was probably the fastest way to get your dad to warm up to it, lol.

Over here, I'm not too worried about it at all - but back in asia, the community just isn't the same. So I usually don't get much time on LJ when I'm over there on vacation >_>
I haven't told my parents, but only my close friends know my love for slash. I usually tell them that I love slash because the stories have barriers and difficulties that I think are more interesting than normal hetero stories. It's more complicated and more fun to read to see how the author chooses to overcome those problems.

My family's also very strict (Asian Buddhists) and I basically show them pics of shounen-ai and bi-shounen. It usually at least gets them to get used to the idea that guys can be beautiful. Maybe...later I can show them pics of pretty bi-shounen holding hands or something. ^_^
I know exactly what you mean! I kinda devoured thouse het romance books in high school early on so by my last years het just seemed so...easy. Slash was different and had issues not always easily resolved so, yeah.

That's exactly what I was thinking - non graphic, cute and pretty pictures that they'd like and wouldn't be too shocked by the characters being males. I don't think I'd ever show my dad anything above a PG rating. He's a very regular dad, and I think he'd very much rather not know THAT much detail about it, lol.
My mom, sister and i think my Dad knows i like slash....a lot.
Not that they know what slash is, but they are aware of the fact that i like seeing guys with other guys. I was outed when my mom read a NC-17 slash fic lying around my room back when i was 15, i think. She gave me one heck of a talk after that. But that sure did not stop me from reading them. Hahah. And she kinda accepts me for who i am now, but that doesn't mean she accepts the being gay thing, we still get into arguments about that. My sister is more of passive acceptance, either because i'm her elder sister or because she doesn't care, i really don't know. But our conversations run more like...
Sis: So, what does H and D mean?
Me: Harry and Draco.
Sis: ...Draco?
Me: *grinning* yea, Draco. I like them together.
Sis: *one eyebrow raised* whatever.
My sister is 4 years younger than me, btw. In all, it ain't perfect, but at least it's out. I don't have to hide why I'm so happy and giggle a lot whenever I see two guys holding hands or being affectionate in public because the reason is simple: I just like seeing a guy with another guy. ^___~
My brother knows, and my friends know, basically because I cannot for the life of me hide how dorky I am *lol*. Basically it goes something like, I say something unfiltered that forces me to follow this pattern:

(1)Admitting I enjoy the fandom

(2)Admitting I read a lot of fanfiction

(3)If they ask about the fanfiction, admitting I mostly read slash.

Inevitably I have to explain what slash is, except for the few friends who get really excited because they also read slash and want to compare notes.

I've had situations where people get really embarassed and don't want to talk about it anymore, people get vaguely amused in a horrified sort of way and poke at it for a bit before giving up, and people getting really excted because they have someone else to talk about slash to.

I got into slash sort of backwards from most people, I think, because I was into original fiction slash before discovering fanfiction slash. So I have friends who are original fic slash writers who I talk about this stuff all the time to (or I did before they moved to china >_>), but they find the fanfic part of what I'm into kind of weird, which is hilarious. So I can talk about gay sex scenes, as long as they don't know the gay characters are H/D.
I told my sister about my love for H/D on my own and she was really cool with it, liked the idea even. But she's pretty normal and doesn't go all crazy fangirl over things like I do, so it didn't convert her, lol.

And then my parents found out on accident because I left some printed-out porny fic in my bathroom. >_> Yeah, they were shocked to say the least. "My quiet, polite little daughter reads about men taking it up the ass???" haha I think I was like ... 16 or something, so it didn't go over too well. And then they've found some of my own writing before, and that was embarrassing. My dad was initially a jerk about it because he's infuriatingly homophobic, but it doesn't get mentioned anymore so I just ... let that go.
I'm not sure how my parents would react... I think since I do like boys they would just consider it to be a very eccentric habit and if I wasn't in college away from home they would try to stop me.

Who knows? Everyone else who matters knows so it's cool:)
I am extremely lucky in that my Mother is the most open-minded, amazing person in the world... former hippie, bisexual, amazingly positive breast-cancer survivor.... and, well... I sometimes even ask her to beta read my stuff for me, since she was an English writing major just like I am. She knows absolutely completely what it is I do and am into, and good-naturedly makes fun of me for it.

I am so open with the fact that I love slash and ship Harry/Draco that I'd be surprised if ONE member of my sorority house didn't know about it... actually, I'd be surprised if one person in a 2 mile radius of campus didn't know... (again, I'm lucky... most students are performing arts and/or theater majors on my campus, and about 60% of them are gay.)
My younger brother and my boyfriend knows but not the rest of my family. I remembered my younger brother telling me he has a few gay friends and he hopes he doesn't get hit on. My respond?

Me: So, if they ever do kiss or make out, can I come and watch?
Bro: O___O;
Bro: You sicko.

He just thinks that I'm a weirdo, as with my boyfriend. As for my parents, they're not very open-minded and it's difficult to even tell them certain things.
For friends it would probably go sort of like this:
I like men. I like men so much that I don't need to see a woman around. And if one man is good, two are even better.

I think I'd use this for my friends. Only my BFF knows I read slash, but I haven't even mentioned it to anyone else at all. One, I don't feel like explaining WHY I do, and second, I don't think I have to explain myself to anyone. It's my own right as far as I see it to read whatever I want. My mom doesn't really care. And my dad wouldn't have cared either. He was much more liberal. My brothers though...I don't think I'd ever tell them.
Ohoho. Considering they don't even know I'm into anime and Harry Potter (extremely conservative Asian parents, think HP and other non-classic novels are wastes of time), I'm really not sure how they'd react. Possibly >.> faces for a week.

My close friends are pretty cool about it, though - mainly because we were all corrupted by each other. :D One of them started reading heavy-duty Snarry at the tender age of 12. Another one joked about

My best friend's brother found her secret stash of password-protected fics and is surprisingly really into them. (That was an interesting conversation.) We have our suspicions about him...
Long, sorry!
I have never ever ever ever told anyone in RL.

Okay, I take that back. Kind of.

I told my ex but we met online and it was easier to talk about that stuff when you're not face to face, lol. He was cool about it, and told me he liked femmslash.

The only reason it came out was because one of my online friends I used to played Final Fantasy XI with was talking about yaoi (TOTALLY out of the blue)and I was like 'OMG YOU TOO!??' and we started squeeing about slashing ff7 guys. And the ex was listening. XD

I've told a few other exes that I like guys together, but I never actually said I read fanfiction. Most of the conversations started with them asking me ' have you done anything with another girl?' and led to me asking them if they do/would anything with guys. Sadly for me, most of 'em said no. :[

I will never tell my parents or family. I live in a really small town. I just moved from a town of 254 people. Yes you read that right. Now I live in a town of 4000.

Being small and way out in the country, things out of the norm aren't accepted at all. There are no non-white people here, just like there aren't any gay people. If there was, they would either be forced out or killed. I'm not even kidding, the people here are so anti-gay and racist it's horrible. If I even said the word 'gay', I'd be looked at strangely.

There's an old Amish town where my mom was born called Jamesport. The graveyard has two graves that are all alone way off to the side. The locals claim way back in the early 1900's two black men came to town and that's where they buried them after they killed them. I don't know if it's true or not but I've been to see the graves and they are back in the early 1900s.

So yeah. I would totally be gone out of this place if I had the money to move.

My parents aren't like that, but I still can't imagine myself telling them. I'm not close enough to my dad. I'm close to my mom and she's fairly open minded but I just can't bring myself to jump over that gap and say 'Hey, I read gay porn.'

If they ever somehow found out, by looking at the PC or other means, then I'd be honest. Probably embarrassed too, because even though my mom and I can be crude sometimes, we don't talk about each others sex life. I don't wanna know what she likes and does, nor do I want her to know what I do. XD

Otherwise, my addict will probably go to the grave with me. My current boyfriend knows I like guys together, but I haven't gone as far and said I read HP and slash them! Haha.

Anyway, yeah. I didn't mean to go on for so long, sorry!