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Coming OUT XD

A few friends and my sis know I read slash but that's about it. My parents don't have a clue. And it got me wondering how I'd tell them/others.

Edit: BTW, while my parents are very open minded, we're still an asian indian catholic family. There haven't even been divorces in the extended family, let alone other issues. That's the main reason I never really made it common knowledge. Plus apart from my parents, everyone else who matters, already knows :)

For friends it would probably go sort of like this:
I like men. I like men so much that I don't need to see a woman around. And if one man is good, two are even better.

For parents...I'd show them cute pictures of chibis in love and then tell them the chibis are males >_<

What about y'all?

If you have done it in the past or its all just a hypothetical situation - how would you get it out that you read slash?
Ohoho. Considering they don't even know I'm into anime and Harry Potter (extremely conservative Asian parents, think HP and other non-classic novels are wastes of time), I'm really not sure how they'd react. Possibly >.> faces for a week.

My close friends are pretty cool about it, though - mainly because we were all corrupted by each other. :D One of them started reading heavy-duty Snarry at the tender age of 12. Another one joked about

My best friend's brother found her secret stash of password-protected fics and is surprisingly really into them. (That was an interesting conversation.) We have our suspicions about him...