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Anime, software and spiffy icons

[001] Most useful article of the day: Lifehacker.com's Best of the Best. Though amongst all the cool software, they still admit pen and paper are the best options for To Do Lists XD

[002] sharona1x2 pointed out that Natsume Yuujinshou is getting a second season, YES YES YES. It's my favorite new anime this year, along with Soul Eater. Most peeps are probably interested in the second seasons for Junjou Romantica and Gundam 00, BUT THIS NEWS MADE THE DAY BRIGHTER FOR MEEEE

[003] The corruption of childhood characters continues. Yes, that's Bert/Ernie slash from Sesame Street XD

[004] Discovered the above link via the f-of-flist through wook77's post requesting recs of slashy books. Might be a good place to find something new :)

[005] iconnaissances has some wonderfully artsy icons with an Obama feel:


Am just a bit surprised I haven't seen any non-Obama super shiny politics icons. I'd have figured there'd be other big icon makers who might be supporting other peeps (and not just McCaine). But not disappointed though >_>

[006] There's a new vampire romance film that is NOT Twilight. It's labelled as horror but perhaps in the same way that SPN is horror - but while SPN focuses more on action and brotherhood, Let the Right One In is more romance and friendship. It looks like a quality alternative to Twilight XD Check out the review
JR!!!! I WANT MY CRACK BACKKKKKK and omg G00 might kill me. D: Just. D: D: D:
The flist will tell me all I need to know of 00 - and help me decide whether to wait until the second season is done or not XD JR...still need to finish the first season *embarassed*
Ahh and ogmajshdlkajsdlkas;ldkas I couldn't not finish JR especially because it was finally on the last couple and stuff!!! *_*
Ah, no wonder - I think I only read the first bits of JR and might have missed the last couple >_> Should DL it with Eroica.
I definitely recommend it! :DDD

Actually it's one of the only things I have left to look forward to. *sigh* I seem to have run out of fandom stuff at the moment and am resorting to skip!220 at the speedsicle comm D:
It is sad but X-Men is one of the few 'verses where I'm excited about het! Involving Rogue! LOL

But I'm not averse to slashable eyecandy like Iceman and Cannonball and...well, it's a hop, skip and jump ^^
No I hear you, reading Rogue and Remy in any way shape or form has me a jibbering mess. :">
Ooh I'll give it a go sometime thanks!!! Ugh I have such a weakness for Remy being well, Remy. alksdjlaksjd
Remy, I will totally slash with people - esp. after all the eyecandy on DeviantART - HOW CAN THERE NOT BE HOT BOY ON BOY SMUT?
all this talk of hot men has given me a headache-- I think it's my brain's way of telling me to get my fix :\
When it comes to to do lists, I'd rather play with Listography, but then again I'm a total list addict (I have three notebooks compiled of nothing but lists :F) and I hate downloading a bunch of programs for things that websites can provide for me without taking up my space. xD

They did mention quite a few good things, though. I stick by AVG, its awesome! (I got a keygen for AVG Internet Security and now it's active until 2018. :D :D) Google Calendar and iGoogle are quite nice too.

Ohh and uTorrent = mega-:D :D :D! I've had download speeds up to 125kB/s, which is totally awesome. This guide is the guide I went by when trying to configure my uTorrent to get max down/upload speeds without killing your connection.
YES! That's great. The manga wasn't completed yet when they decided to animate it. 7 volumes, was it? I keep forgetting about JR S2. *facepalm*

If Obama were to run for Prime Minister in Malaysia, I'd vote for him. He is just that cool.