* food - chocolate - mmm...


[001] Peeps in the US can get a FREE Oatmeal Dark Chocolate COOKIE - bloody_american pointed it out and mine is on its way \o/

[002] Why Literary Fiction Should Embrace Digital Publishing - I can't wait for the day ebooks become mainstream *wistful* It might take trees becoming a scarce resource for that to happen but...*lives in hope*

[003] What I'm watching this season: The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Heroes, Ugly Betty, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and maybe True Blood and Fringe. What about y'all?

Edit: Forgot about Dexter, Doll House and Atlantis >_>
Heck yeah! Free cookies! Yaaaay! Mine is on its way and I'm excited. :3 I'm requesting one for my boyfriend too. He doesn't like dark chocolate that much, which means I'll get it. hehe

I think ebooks really are starting to become more mainstream, which is awesome! I can't wait until more authors start using ebook format more.

I'm watching: The Big Bang Theory, CSI:, Dexter, Family Guy, House, NCIS, Scrubs, and I'm trying out True Blood. Is Heroes hard to get into? I've always wanted to watch it. :o
Woot! I do hope peeps are able to get 'em before they get over >_>

Yes, and then we can have digital libraries instead *_* An no need to return - the books can just expire, lol

Oh, I forgot about Dexter - I'll probably watch it after 6 eps are out, along with True Blood and Fringe :)

Heroes has a great first season, sucky second season but I hope it gets back on track with season three. Definitely try it out! I think you could watch it online if you're not sure yet about it...
I just remembered that my town's library has an online catalog with ebooks and audiobooks for download. :O I find that amazing because we live in such a small place and we literally have nothing.

I've been trying to catch up on Scrubs and a few other shows I've missed some eps on. But I'll be sure to try it out! I don't know what I'd do without the internet. x__x
I'm watching all of those except The Sarah Connor Chronicles. What'd you think of The Big Bang Theory?
Oh, I adore TBBT! Hands down my favorite comedy running (never clicked with How I Met Your Mother) and its all about the geeks and geek!humor and ♥
i'm watching gossip girl, the sarah connor chronicles, heroes, fringe, pushing daisies, lost and 24 when they come back, ugly betty, supernatural, and then currently also project runway. also, always the daily show and the colbert report :D
Oh forgot about Doll house - that one and 24 were taking a break mid production or something. I usually don't watch Project Runway until its over - I like marathoning it and knowing who wins at the end, lol.

I didn't realise you watched GG! I think peeps got into it more with the second season >_>
right, doll house. i am not really intrigued by the premise, but it's a joss show, so i have to check it out! i'm the complete opposite when it comes to project runway--i don't want to know anything!! i didn't even look at the fashion week coverage because i was afraid of spoilers.

i am! i got sucked in over the summer. it's such eyecandy in terms of fashion and pretty people, and the plot lines have substance on occasion. it certainly makes more sense than heroes does, lol.
I ordered my free cookie! XD
I'm watching: Fringe, Heroes, Bones, House, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Kitchen Disasters. =]
Yaaay! Kitchen Disasters sounds interesting! Is it a realty show or a regular one?
I wants free cookies. *cries*

So far, Heroes. I'm still waiting for S2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It hasn't air yet over here. There hasn't been any new SPN season either. ahdjhdsghja.
My shows: House, Bones, Heroes, Fringe, Project Runway. I'll probably watch Top Chef New York when that starts, too. Lately, I've been watching a lot of stuff on the Food Network and Bravo.
I don't get it. I think it's disappointing waiting for the mail and only getting one cookie. xD

Oatmeal? Ew
Dark Chocolate? Ew
Ooooh right,it's healthy. That's why. D:

*takes out hand* A normal chunky milk chocolate chip cookie would be nice. Dx
Definitely watching Ugly Betty, I wanna see more of Mark/Cliff this season *fingers cross*
Sarah Connor, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, House, ANTM, and maybe Fringe if I get around to downloading the first few episodes.