* food - chocolate - mmm...


[001] Peeps in the US can get a FREE Oatmeal Dark Chocolate COOKIE - bloody_american pointed it out and mine is on its way \o/

[002] Why Literary Fiction Should Embrace Digital Publishing - I can't wait for the day ebooks become mainstream *wistful* It might take trees becoming a scarce resource for that to happen but...*lives in hope*

[003] What I'm watching this season: The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Heroes, Ugly Betty, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and maybe True Blood and Fringe. What about y'all?

Edit: Forgot about Dexter, Doll House and Atlantis >_>
I just remembered that my town's library has an online catalog with ebooks and audiobooks for download. :O I find that amazing because we live in such a small place and we literally have nothing.

I've been trying to catch up on Scrubs and a few other shows I've missed some eps on. But I'll be sure to try it out! I don't know what I'd do without the internet. x__x