* food - chocolate - mmm...


[001] Peeps in the US can get a FREE Oatmeal Dark Chocolate COOKIE - bloody_american pointed it out and mine is on its way \o/

[002] Why Literary Fiction Should Embrace Digital Publishing - I can't wait for the day ebooks become mainstream *wistful* It might take trees becoming a scarce resource for that to happen but...*lives in hope*

[003] What I'm watching this season: The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Heroes, Ugly Betty, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and maybe True Blood and Fringe. What about y'all?

Edit: Forgot about Dexter, Doll House and Atlantis >_>
right, doll house. i am not really intrigued by the premise, but it's a joss show, so i have to check it out! i'm the complete opposite when it comes to project runway--i don't want to know anything!! i didn't even look at the fashion week coverage because i was afraid of spoilers.

i am! i got sucked in over the summer. it's such eyecandy in terms of fashion and pretty people, and the plot lines have substance on occasion. it certainly makes more sense than heroes does, lol.