Goss (gossymer) wrote,

All about Teh Graphix

[001] My sis has amazing timing sometimes. This past weekend she got the iPhone just in time to watch Google's Android get unveiled.

Though I'm still super happy with my HTC Touch 'cause its the best phone on the SERO plan, and even now, the most affordable option that has everything. Though I'm very excited about Amazon's DRM free MP3 store. Yay for better alternatives to iTunes apart from piracy.

[002] Lucius + Snakey FTW!

[003] Some hilarious Final Fantasy icons from sways



[004]  Creattica Daily is a rather cool design blog. Must add to feeds asap.

[005] Details on Adobe Creative Suite 4 over here. I WANT TO UPGRADE PHOTOSHOP SIMPLY FOR THE SHINY NEW INTERFACE.

[006] Stumbled across a lovely KHR image scanned by gikun and tried cleaning it up a bit:

click to zoom!

And it's wallpaper sized! Ok, ok, it's not the best job ever but *shrugs*

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