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Cravings for home food :(

On Goa Sausage...

"it is a Portuguese-influenced sausage made in Goa, India. The Portuguese brought Chaurico to India with them, and the Indians adapted it with more spices from India - essentially turning it into a Vindaloo spiced sausage." (link)

Craving. Goa. Sausages. So. BADLY.

But since its next to impossible to find locally, I've emailed my mom for her Pork Vindalho recipe. Googling, I found this restaurant in Oregon but no luck with Texas yet.

It was nice to discover Vindalho is healthier than aspirin, LOL. The picture made my mouth water though...

Any food cravings y'all have been experiencing? Especially stuff you haven't found a substitute for?
YES. lots of sweets you can only get in germany, plus lots of stuff my mom cooks, and...yeah. i always stuff my face with certain things when i go back for christmas :D
Lol, I think it's all about our mom's home cooking in the end - vacations are LOVE for that reason in particular :)

Any german sweets in particular? I don't think I've try many (or any >_>)
that's true!

just really basic things that i never paid much attention to because they were always available. cookies and different kinds of chocolate. also fish sticks because they taste really differently from the ones you can get here. and frozen creamed spinach!!! a world of difference from the american kind. oh, and juice. germany has a vast selection of juices that's much better than what you can get here [unless you buy expensive imported juice].
Oh yes, I miss the european branded chocolates and cookies - Hershey's tastes vaguely pukey to me so *shudder*

It's surprising how basic stuff like fishsticks can taste so different. Or how chocolate milk can be "ultra ultra pasteurized" o_O

Creamed spinach = palak paneer for me and my sis makes it really well - not sure how the german version would be though.

I MISS JUICE SO MUCH. Especially mango juice which doesn't taste the same and is so rare :(

America just seems obsessed with berries and cherries o_O MORE VARIATION PLZ
I could murder for sushi. I've not had any since I left Denmark, and I live too far inland at the moment for sushi to be viable, not fresh enough fish available. If I went to the closest big coastal town I could get some but that's 3 hours drive away.

;_; Sushi~
When I go BACK home, I crave sushi, 'cause the only places that have it, charge a bomb :( Sushi is def one of my favorite things to eat over here though!
I am totally craving some Shish Barak right now. D: My teta (grandmother) is the only one who makes it the way I like it. Scratch that, she's the only one who bothers to make it. There's a lot of time and effort that goes into the dish, so I don't blame anyone. X3;;

*tummy rumbles*
I'm going home on saturday for a week. I want my mummy's cooking now *whiiiine* Not sure how she does it, but even after following her directions precisely, she still does it better than me. Anyway! I expect to return plumper :DD

I did some quick googling and while I don't know where in Texas you live, but there is a restaurant (found on the page at least) here and here which serve pork vindaloo. Or used to >.> Good luck!

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When I was a child, my grandfather used to buy home-made cheese from a local farmer. It smelled SO ATROCIOUSLY that I refused to eat it for years (and I was by no means a picky child!), but once I'd brought myself to taste it... *happy sigh*